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Importance of Disciplines for Student | Understanding Discipline and School Subject


Importance of Disciplines for Student :-


Through the knowledge of subjects, a learner gets easy and natural learning. This learning is completely permanent because in this every curiosity of the students is satisfied by the teacher. 

Therefore, the importance of knowledge of subjects for the learner can be explained in the following form-

1) Simple and natural learning : -

Sequentiality is included in the learning activities under the knowledge of the subjects. 

For example, through games at the primary level, project and experiment method at the upper primary level and students are taught at the higher secondary level through the lecture method. This makes learning easy and natural.


2) Acquisition of useful knowledge :-

Through the knowledge of subjects, students get useful knowledge because the main basis of knowledge of subjects is to increase utility. 

Therefore, there is a special relationship between all the faculties. such as natural science,

Social Science and Linguistics have only one relation and purpose between all three and that is to provide useful knowledge to the students and their all-round development.

3) Knowledge of study subjects :-


Transfer of learning - Students have the knowledge that each subject is closely related to other subjects of its faculty and on many occasions it is also related to the subjects of other faculties, so they can use the acquired learning in other subjects as well we do. 

For example, the use of mathematical knowledge in solving numerical problems of physical science and the use of scientific knowledge in the society. 

This on one hand brings stability in learning and on the other hand, the ability to transfer learning develops in students.

4) Simplicity in the study of subjects : –


When subjects are presented to the students on the basis of a disciplinary system, then they experience ease in reading. 

For example, studying the subjects of social science includes various activities and facts related to the knowledge of the subjects, in which one science is related to another science.


5) Solution of social problems :-

The student faces many types of social problems while living in the society. On the basis of knowledge of subjects, he can solve social problems. 

Such as caste-caste, high-low, untouchability etc. are such trends which students also have to face but through their knowledge they can prove that these are just social evils and nothing else.


6) Extensive learning :-

Comprehensive learning is arranged for the students through the knowledge of the study subjects. 

On the basis of knowledge of subjects, inter-disciplinary tendency is found in the curriculum of various subjects and activities related to them, as a result of which each activity is related to another activity and a relation is found between them. In this way students get comprehensive learning.

7) Integrated learning :-


Under study subjects, each subject is related to another subject and one faculty is related to another faculty. When a solution to a problem is sought or a new theory, rule or knowledge is created, then a coordinated study of all these subjects and faculties is done. This study is called coordinated study. This is considered to be the best useful feature of subjects.

8) Utility in the selection of subjects :-

Through study subjects, students get to know which subjects they have to study in which faculty. 


On this basis, he chooses his interesting subjects. On the basis of the same knowledge, a group of subjects is presented to the students on the basis of equality and usefulness, which is known by the names of Faculty of Science, Faculty of Arts and Faculty of Commerce etc. 

These help the students to choose appropriate and useful subjects and the educational development of the students takes place.

It is clear from the above discussion that the main objective of the subjects is to create such learning situations in front of the students, which will increase their learning level and pave the way for the all-round development of the students.