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Merits and Demerits of Objective type test


Advantages and Disadvantages of Objective Test 

Merits and Demerits of Objective Type Test 

Merits of Objective Type Test

1. Objectivity - In objective tests, questions are constructed in such a way that their answers are short and often only one correct answer is possible. 

There is no variation in the scores of objective tests when scored by the same person or by different persons; 

That is, the marks awarded by them remain the same. Thus in objective test there is no place for individual judgement, thought, perception, mental level, mood etc.


2. Extensive Sampling- A very large part of the syllabus is represented by objective tests. 

Green and others have written- “Objective testing by its nature represents such a wide area that the results obtained by its use are closely similar to those obtained from the complete study of the student's work in a subject. obtained by checking. 

A test consisting of 100 properly selected questions or fewer will for many purposes adequately represent a student's performance or success."


3. Reliability - The meaning of reliability is that the measurement made by the test is often consistent or stable. This quality is found in objective tests. 

Ramers and Gage's statement - "The same marks will be awarded by objective test or test with short answers, no matter who marks it and even if it is marked by him on different occasions."

4. Validity- One of the properties of objective test is that validity is found in it. It is capable of measuring the same specified ability for which it is manufactured.


5. Economy of Time- Although objective tests take more time to prepare, students are able to answer more questions in less time. In addition, the tester is able to test a large number of test items in a short period of time.

6. Ease of Scoring- Unlike essay tests, there is no need for hard work, patience and intelligence in scoring objective tests. Their marking is done easily and in less time with the help of a key. 

This can be confirmed in the words of Rystone – “In short answer tests, the marking is done with the help of a key in which a table of correct answers is given. So it does not require any technical skill.


7. Usability and Practicability: Objective tests have proved to be very useful in relation to educational subjects. 

The studies of Curtis, Woods, Plowman and Stroud have proved that “If the students are returned their answer sheets after checking and correcting them or get their answer sheets corrected by them and then discuss their errors with them- If discussed, ultimately the students will have more achievement of the subject. 

Apart from these, on the basis of their results, a decision can be taken about the future life of the students. Objective tests can be successfully administered.


8. Discrimination - The test also has this quality that it should clarify the difference between talented and low ability students. This quality is found in objective tests. Through this, talented and retarded children can be sorted out.

Demerits of Objective Type Test 

1. Objective tests encourage the tendency to guess.


2. It takes more time to prepare a good test with short answers. Along with this, their construction is also difficult.

3. Expressive power is not developed by new type of questions or objective tests. In schools where only these tests were used, their students could not write even a single sentence in English.

4. Original thinking, logic, expression and analytical powers are not tested by objective tests.


5. There is a lot of emphasis on factual knowledge only through objective tests.

6. Objective tests are expensive because of the large number of questions. Because of this, it is not possible to write them on the blackboard as required. 

Therefore, every time many copies of them have to be prepared, in which a considerable amount of money is spent.