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Need and Importance of School | Importance of School for Child


Need and Importance of School 


At present, human life has become very complicated due to modernization, industrialization, urbanization, increase in population, disintegrated family and excess of needs. 

Today man is facing many problems of practical life and without the solution of these problems it has become difficult for man to live but it is not so easy to face these problems. 

Versatile knowledge and science for them is required. Therefore, the need of the school is felt only to fulfill the needs. 

In the present times the importance of the school is increasing. The school itself is capable of passing on the resources and achievements of the complex society to the new generation. 

Highlighting the need and importance of the school, it can be said that "the progress of any nation is not built in legislative assemblies, courts and factories but in schools."

Importance of School for Child


(1) School, the best place for versatility – 

Home and family have been called the first school of the child, yet the education that the child receives at home is very limited. 

Through this education the child cannot get the knowledge which he gets in the schools. The school provides versatile education to the child so that he can be successful in every sphere of life. 

In the school, the child gets specific and detailed knowledge of any subject, therefore, for the education of the child, the school is more important than the home.

(2) Suitable environment for progress and development - 


The school presents a suitable and balanced environment for the progress and development of the child. 

Due to ignorance, poverty, lack of residence, rumble of machines, overcrowding, social evils etc., the environment of home and neighborhood is immoral, noisy, disorderly and impure, in which getting education of children is not only inappropriate but also impossible. 

Schools present a simple, pure and balanced environment suitable for the education of children.

(3) Helpful in maintaining the continuity of the society – 


School is a miniature form of the society. In this the social heritage is preserved and passed on to the next generation. 

The same knowledge is imparted to the children in the school, which is helpful in the progress and development of both the individual and the society and can maintain its continuity.

(4) Helpful in fulfilling the needs – 


Man is a social animal, therefore in the present materialistic era, the needs and desires of a person are increasing day by day. 

An educational environment is created in the school according to the interest and need of the child, so that he can fulfill the needs of himself and the society by acquiring various types of knowledge.

(5) Helpful in the huge cultural space – 

The cultural heritage of the present time has become very wide, many types of knowledge, skills and methods of working have been included in it. 


Individuals find themselves unable to teach such a legacy. So he handed over this work to the school.

(6) School is an important link connecting family life and outside life – 

The child is born in the family and there his initial development takes place. By staying in the family, he learns the ideal qualities of service, love, co-operation, obedience and discipline. 

Coming out of the family circle, when children come to school, they have to live with children from different homes, religions, castes and communities, as a result of which their outlook becomes broad and the qualities of sociality start developing in them. 


Now he does not remain confined to his family life but also takes interest in the activities of outside life.

(7) School is the main means of protection and transmission of social heritage – 

The progress and development of every society depends on its culture. That's why every society wants to preserve its culture and want to transfer it to its future generation, but this work is not so easy that it can be done by any particular person or any other institution. 

This work can be done by the school. Explaining the importance of the school, T.P. Nun has said, “The school should not be a miniature of the whole world, but of the whole human society.”


(8) Diffusion of ideals and ideologies- 

School has been considered a very important means to spread the ideals and ideologies of the world, therefore the place of the school in all places and states is paramount and proud.

(9) Harmonious development of personality – 

Family, home, society and religion etc. are the best means of education but neither they have any definite purpose nor pre-planned program. 

Sometimes they have a bad effect on the personality of the child. 


On the contrary, the school has a definite purpose and a pre-planned program which has a systematic effect on the personality of the child and the harmonious development of the child's personality.

(10) Creation of educated citizens – 

School is the only means through which educated citizens can be created. If all the children of a country are given free and compulsory education till a certain age, then they become permanently literate. 

Along with being literate, the qualities of patience, co-operation, responsibility etc. develop in them, in this way a child grows up to become an ideal citizen of the state and society.


It is clear from these facts that the place, importance and need of the school can be easily understood. 

In fact, school is a very important agency for the progress of both the individual and the society. That is why they can be expected in any social setting. 

In this context, T.P. Nun has rightly written that “the schools of a nation are part of its life, whose special function is to strengthen its spiritual power, to maintain its historical continuity, to preserve its past successes and to make it to take responsibility for the future.