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Sociological foundation of Curriculum Development | b.ed notes


Sociological foundation of Curriculum Development

Sociological Principles of Curriculum Development 


The following social principles should be kept in mind while developing/creating the curriculum-

1. Needs a problems of Society- The curriculum should be based on the conditions, needs and problems of the society.

2. Concerns and Problems of Students – The curriculum should be related to the students and their problems.

3. Cultural and Social Values ​​– Basic social and cultural values ​​should be reflected in the curriculum.


4. Transmission of Culture - The curriculum should be an agent of the highest values ​​of the culture.

5. Functional - The curriculum should be practical and related to life. It should also be appropriate to the developmental level of the student.

6. Healthy Attitudes – The curriculum should develop healthy attitudes to develop human relations.

7. Preparation for World Society – The curriculum should prepare the students for the world society i.e. it should prepare them for the international society.


8. Socially Efficient Persons – The curriculum should prepare socially efficient persons.

9. Flexibility – The curriculum should be flexible and flexible for effective fulfillment of social purpose.

10. We Feeling – The curriculum should develop 'We Feeling'. It should develop a sense of social interaction and social relationship.

11. Adjustment – ​​The curriculum should be about establishing adjustment in all human relations.


12. Dignity- The curriculum should be designed keeping in mind the dignity of the prestige of all professions and services. In this, dignity of labor should be given adequate importance.

13. Wholesome Participation- The curriculum should provide educational programs and activities so that the students can take an active part in the society.

14. Emphasis on Vocational and Scientific Subjects - Vocational and scientific subjects should be emphasized in the curriculum.

15. Earning Livelihood - The course should enable the students to earn livelihood.


16. Creative Attitude – The curriculum should be creative attitude developing.

Academic Linkage — View the academic affiliation. So the following programs related to it are included- 

(1) Vocational subjects,

(2) Scientific and technological subjects,

(3) Technical subjects,

(4) Industrial courses,

(5) Work experience,

(6) Environment education,

(7) Social education,

(8) Adult education,


(9) Non-formal education ,

(10) Women education,

(11) Social science,

(12) Art and Crafts,

(13) Fine arts,

(14) Mother-tongue,

(15) Foreign languages,

(16) Co-curricular activities .