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What is Creativity b.ed notes | Nature and characteristics of Creativity b.ed notes


Nature and Characteristics of Creativity b.ed notes


Meaning of Creativity | What is Creativity ?

Creativity is the ability of a person by which he creates a new idea or a new thing or discovers a new thing. It also includes the ability of a person to reconstruct previously acquired knowledge.

Nature and Characteristics of Creativity 


Based on the above definition and various studies done in the field of creativity, the nature of creativity and its characteristics can be mentioned as follows :

Creativity is universal. There is some degree of creativity in each of us. 

Although creative abilities are given by nature, they can be developed through training or education.

A new thing is produced by creative expression, but it is not necessary that that thing is completely new. 

The making of new and fresh combinations from separately given elements, the reorganization of previously known facts or principles, the improvement of a previously known style, etc., are as creative acts as the discovery of a new element in chemistry or the discovery of a new element in mathematics. 


Finding a new formula The only thing that needs to be done in creativity is to be careful that there should not be repetition of something that one already has knowledge of.

Any creative expression is a source of joy and satisfaction for the creator. What the creator sees or experiences, he reveals it in his own way.

The creator expresses himself through his creation. The creator sees things, persons and events in his own way. 


Therefore, it is not necessary that the 'creation' should provide the same 'experience' and the same 'satisfaction' to each person, which the creator has received.

A 'creator' is a person who can express his 'ego' as, "This is my creation", "This is my idea", "I have solved this problem". Is.

Creative thinking is not restricted thinking. There are innumerable options and complete freedom to choose the desired working method. Walking on the beaten path can lead to repetition, not new creation.


The field of creative expression is very wide. Writing scientific inventions, poems, stories, dramas, dance-music, painting, crafts, making political and social relations, etc., any field can become the basis of this type of expression. 

Creativity is also needed in our daily activities. Thus life in its entirety offers innumerable opportunities for creative expression.

What different cognitive elements are involved in creativity? This type of answer requires a lot of experimental and research. 


Many scholars like J.P. Guilford, Torrance, etc. have tried to find different elements of creativity. 

As a result, fluid thinking, originality, flexibility, diversity-thinking, self-confidence, sensitivity, ability to see and build relationships, etc. have been considered helpful in the creative process.