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What is textbook b.ed notes | Properties of Textbook method b.ed notes


What is Textbook ? Meaning of Textbook 


Students gain experience and knowledge directly and indirectly. Information about real objects is obtained directly through sense organs. 

Indirect information is obtained through book and oral presentation. 

The student acquires knowledge through the ideas contained in books and through oral presentation. 

Textbook is also a source of knowledge.


Definition of Textbook method 

Textbook method is the process of teaching, the immediate purpose of which is to provide an understanding of the information contained in the textbook.

According to this definition, the textbook has been considered as a means of acquiring knowledge. 


Textbooks are the means to know the ideas or facts given in the textbook. 

In the textbook method, the basic frequency of the text read is done. The students who were earlier asked by teachers to memorize a lesson from the textbook. Used to listen to him orally on the second day. 

In this method, instead of cramming the textbook, an attempt is made to understand the subject. The textbook is used to understand the text. 

This method develops the power to express the acquired knowledge in the students. Writing art is also developed by this method. 


According to this method the text is prescribed for the study of the students. Student-teacher discussion on the written summary of the lesson makes a definite impression of the subject. 

The teacher assigns his/her individual assignments on the basis of the lessons in the textbook. 

To gain knowledge with the help of this method, material has to be collected from other books and magazines.


With the requirement of collecting material from various sources, self-acquiring knowledge, developing the habit of self-study, development of interest, understanding power, thinking power, reasoning power, decision-making power, etc. are possible through textbook method. Students get inspiration for self study from textbook method.

The tasks set by the textbook method should be satisfactory to individual differences and suited to the mental capacity of the students. Will be able to study the textbook as well as other reference materials and aids and complete the assigned work. 


By developing the motivation of independent study in the students, the habit-forming work should be determined. 

This assigned task should be related to the life of the students. 

This method can be used to inculcate thinking and critical thinking. 

The tendency of self-study develops in students by the inspiration of using books. 

In the context of the lesson, it is necessary for the teacher to make available suitable reference books, journals and magazines for the knowledge enhancement of the students.


Properties of the Textbook Method

1. Creates the habit of self-study in the students. 

2. Increases study proficiency in students.

3. The attitude of the students is reflected in the textbook.

4. Makes the reading nature of the students.


5. Expressive power, memory power is developed in the students.

6. This method is suitable for memorizing facts or ideas.

7. Textbook method has the qualities of economy, time saving, proactivity, comprehensibility, work planning, work efficiency etc.