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Difference between Individual Intelligence test and Group Intelligence test


Difference between Individual Intelligence test and Group Intelligence test 


Individual and group intelligence tests differ from each other in various aspects. The following differences are found in individual and group intelligence test –

Individual Intelligence test 

1. Through these, the intelligence of only one person can be tested at a time. 

2. This test takes longer.

3. This test costs more money.


4. These tests can be administered by skilled and trained person i.e. expert only. 

5. On the basis of their scores, many qualitative information related to the application can also be obtained, such as its interest, aptitude, etc. can also be detected. 

6. Oral method is used more in the administration of these tests.

7. Difficulty in framing the questions on this test 

8. At the time of their administration, the examiner can change the order of questions as per the requirement and can also make partial changes in the form of questions. 


9. They are not prone to copying.

10. It is more suitable for small children.

11. On these tests the examinee can easily perform to the best of his ability 

12. Authenticity, reliability and objectivity are found more in the conclusion of this test. 

13. They can also be used for illiterate people.

14. These tests are very useful in educational and vocational guidance and mental diagnosis. 


15. They are used more for checking personal ability and for diagnostic work. 

16. Collective intelligence cannot be detected by this test.

17. It is not possible to test a group together by these.

18. In this a close contact between the child and the examiner is established.

19. The time limit is more in these and there is no restriction of time limit in some tests. 

Group Intelligence test 


  • Through these tests, the intelligence of more than one person can be tested at the same time.
  • These tests take relatively little time.
  • It requires less money.
  • Even a person with general ability can administer this test by reading and understanding its instructions.
  • Through them it is not possible to find out any quality other than the intelligence of the examinees.
  • These tests are written and their answers are also to be given in writing.
  • The questions are easily made in this.
  • It is not possible for the examiner to make any kind of change in the questions of these tests.
  • In these, the examinee can copy through various means.
  • It is suitable for older children and adults.
  • Many factors can hinder your best performance on these tests.
  • Mass test results are less authentic and reliable.
  • They can be used only for educated persons.
  • Mental diagnosis is not possible by these, but in general it can be useful in giving educational and vocational guidance.
  • They are used more for the selection and classification of individuals.
  • Collective intelligence can be detected from the collective tester.
  • These can also be used as individual tests.
  • In this a close contact between the child and the examiner is not established. 
  • This test is usually completed within 45 to 90 minutes.