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Gardner's theory of multiple intelligence b.ed notes | Theory of multiple intelligences


Gardner's theory of multiple Intelligences 


Gardner was an American cognitive psychologist. Before him, everyone used to believe that there is only one type of intelligence. By which we can understand any subject matter. So you can either remember it. Or you can read and understand through books. But Howard Gardner told that there can be many different ways to understand or explain anything.

Under which he gave the theory of multiple intelligence. Which we call Gardner's multiple intelligence theory. He said the first thing about multiple intelligence in his book Frames of mind. He was influenced by psychologists like Piaget, Erik Erikson, Bruner etc.


According to Gardner's theory, three factors are emphasized in this. Which are of the following types :

  • The form of intelligence is not isolated but multifactorial. And each intelligence is different from each other. Each knowledge and intelligence are independent of each other.
  • Different types of intelligence have a tendency to interact with each other.
  • Every person has a unique ability.


Theory of Multiple Intelligences by Gardner 


Gardner has given eight types of intelligence. Which is as follows :

Linguistic –

Such people come under this. Those who have language fluency and the ability to put their point in front of someone. Like- poet, writer etc.


People who create and modify mental images. eg- pilot, painter, architect 

Bodily kinesthetic

The person who can use the elasticity of his body or any part. Those people come under it. Eg – Dancer, Sport person



People who are interested in music come under this. Like- Musical composer

Logical – Mathematical

Under this comes a person full of scientific thinking and problem solving skills like-  scientist.

Intrapersonal –

This type of person is more aware of himself. Like- philosopher, religious leader etc.



Under this, a person communicates well by knowing about other's feelings, behaviours, motivation etc. such as psychologist


People who have more information about nature come under it like hunters, farmers, tourists etc.