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Mental development in Infancy | Mental development in childhood | Mental development in Adolescence


Mental Development of Child 


Mental development is related to the increase in the store of knowledge of a person and its use. The name of mental development is the development of mental powers and the ability to establish harmony with the environment.

Aspects of Mental Development

The aspects of mental development are as follows :


  • Sensation
  • Inspection
  • Remembering
  • Imagination
  • Concerns
  • Decision
  • Intelligence
  • Interest and aptitude
  • Revelation
  • Attention
  • Argument
  • Learn
  • Language 

Mental development in Infancy 


Mental development in infancy takes place in the following stages :

At the time of birth and the first week - At the time of birth and in the first week, the child is only able to sneeze, hiccup, drink milk, move hands and legs etc.

Second week – In the second week, the child looks carefully at light and bright and big size objects.

1st month - The baby cries when it feels pain or hunger.


2nd month – Baby turns head to listen to sounds.

4th month- Infant grasps any given object with both hands. And searches for lost toys.

6th month – The baby begins to understand its name. And learns to differentiate between anger and love.

Eighth Month - Baby feels good playing with other children.


Tenth month – Within 10 months, seeing the activities of a person, he has the ability to imitate.

First year – the child speaks four words.

Second year - the child uses two word sentences.

Third year - Child tells his name when asked.

Fourth year - the child can count up to four.


Fifth year – The child learns to differentiate between colours. And he starts writing his name.

Mental development in childhood 

Mental development in childhood takes place in the following stages :

Sixth year - Child recites the count from 13 to 14 without hesitation. And answers simple questions. And names the different parts of the body.


Seventh year - The child learns to differentiate between two objects.

Eighth year - The child develops a tendency to repeat short stories and poems well.

Nine Year – The child gets to know the day, time, date, year and coins. Can recite small stories by heart.

11 years – He has the ability to know the similarity and dissimilarity between two objects.


12 years – The tendency to solve the thinking problem etc. develops within the child.

Mental development in Adolescence 

The mental development in adolescence is of the following types :

Maximum development of intelligence

Mental freedom

Mental abilities


Thinking power



Diversity of interests 


Factors influencing mental development of the child 

Following are the factors affecting the mental development of the child :

Family Environment 

The environment of the family plays an important role in the mental development of the child. If the environment of the child's house is sad and discordant, then it is difficult to be possible that his mental development will be done well. As much as his mental development in a pleasant environment It happens.


Family Finances

Terman has told through different types of tests that instead of coming from poor areas, talented children come from families with good economic condition.


Every child is born in one society or the other. The same society determines the speed and extent of his mental development.



Inheritance has a great contribution in the mental development of the child. Through heredity, the child receives some mental qualities and abilities in which the environment cannot make any difference.