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Meaning and definition of Measurement b.ed notes | Types of Measurement b.ed notes


Meaning and definition of Measurement 


Measurement is such a process. Under which compilation of different types of results and quantity is compiled.

Concept of Educational Measurement 

If seen in psychology, measurement was first used by William Wunt in 1879 as a result of establishment in the laboratory in Leipzig city of Germany. The developed period of educational measurement is considered to be from 1900 to 1960. Around 1960, many tests were done. For which measurement was required.


Nowadays we see The main objective of education is to bring change in human behavior. And in what form has that change taken place. Measurements are necessary to know this.

Meaning of measurement 

Different types of data are collected in educational measurement. Measurement is the numerical measure of an object or achievement. Under this, there is a sense of result or quantity. It is a process of quantization.


Example – The weight of Shyam is 40 kg.

Lalita's IQ is 140.

The appropriate example is having a number sense. Under which it is being known. That Shyam's weight is 40 kg. In which there seems to be a sense of measure.

Definitions of measurement 

Following are the definitions of measurement :


Definition of Measurement according to Kollinger 

“Measurement is the rule of thumb to actually provide the number of occurrences.”

Definition of measurement according to Campbell

“Measurement is to express objects or events in numbers or numbers according to the rules”


Definition of measurement according to Stevens

“Measurement is the process of assigning numbers or numbers to substances according to certain accepted rules.”

According to taste

“Measurement is a process of quantification.”

Elements of Measurement or parts of measurement 


Following are the elements of measurement :

The object, creature or action whose attribute is to be measured.

Instruments or methods of measuring the characteristic.

The person who measures means the measurer.

Features of Measurement 


This is revealed by explaining the definitions of measurement. That it has the following characteristics.

Mental Measurement 

Physical Measurement 

What is mental measurement?

Different types of mental activities are studied on the basis of mental measurement.

Like – intelligence, interest, ability, ability personality test.

What is physical measurement?

Various types of physical properties are studied under physical measurement.


For example - length, distance, height etc.

Types of Measurement 

There are the following three types of measurement :

Absolute measurement

Normative measurement

Ipsative measurement 


Absolute measurement –

That measurement is under absolute measurement. In which the state of absolute zero is possible. Its scale starts at zero. When the scale is greater than zero, the measurement of the scale is positive. When it is less than zero, the scale is negative. Under this, the temperature is measured.

Normative measurement-

Normalized measurement is that measurement. In which the scores are not affected by each other. They are obtained independently. Its second identity is that there is no possibility of absolute zero.


Ipsative measurement –

There are many tools and methods of measurement, in these one tool or method is like this. In which the person or the student has to make a forced choice. Measurement by this method is called by Cattle as receptive measurement.

Levels or scales of measurement 


Following are the levels of educational measurement :

  • Literal or nominal level.
  • sequential level.
  • interval level.
  • Ratio Level.