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Nature of Mathematics b.ed notes | Bednotesatoz

Nature of Mathematics b.ed notes


Mathematics is an important subject which is very important to become a teacher. Mathematics is generally a science of calculations. 

In fact, the literal meaning of mathematics is – that science in which calculations are predominant. 

In other words we can also say that That mathematics is the science of numbers, letters, symbols, etc., abbreviated symbols. With the help of which the result, direction and place are understood.


The subject of mathematics has been started through Hindi, later or in extension, number system has become, with the help of which other branches of mathematics have been developed.

Definitions of Mathematics 

Following are the definitions of Mathematics:


Definition of mathematics according to galileo

“There is mathematics and language. In which God has written the whole world or the universe.”

Definition of mathematics according to locke

“Mathematics is the way. By which the habit of reasoning is established in the minds of children.


Definition of Mathematics according to Roger Bacon

“Mathematics is the lion gate and key of all the sciences.”

Definition of Mathematics according to Professor Boss 

“Mathematical science is the real foundation of our entire civilization, which depends on the use of nature and the depth of intellect.”


Nature of Mathematics 

Every subject has its own purpose. Mathematics subject also has a purpose of teaching. At the same time their structure is established. 

On the basis of which the nature of that subject is decided, the nature of mathematics subject is more than other subjects. 

Strong and powerful. Because of which poor is more permanent and important than other subjects. If you want to understand the nature of mathematics subject, the following points have been told which are as follows.


1. Knowledge of numbers, place, direction and measurement or measurement can be obtained through mathematics.

2. The basis of knowledge of mathematics is our sense organs.

3. The basis of the knowledge of mathematics is certain. Due to which it can be believed.

4. The study of mathematics develops the ability of inference, deduction and generalization.


6. The language of mathematics is well defined, appropriate and clear.

8. Appreciative attitude and spirit develop in children with the knowledge of mathematics. Scientific attitude develops in children through mathematics.

9. Every question and information is clear from the chapter of Mathematics. And its one possible answer is fixed. There is no message possibility in various rules, principles, formulas etc. of mathematics.

10. In mathematics, abstract concepts are converted into concrete form. Also they are explained.