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Characteristics of Social Science Text Book


Characteristics of Social Science Text Book

Textbook is the best tool of teaching, it is a companion of teachers and knowledge giver of students, all these features of textbook end, if the textbook is not good. For this it is necessary that good textbook should be used. A good textbook has the following characteristics-

(1) The outer shape of the book should be according to the age of the children. Small children enjoy looking at pictures. Therefore, the outer shape of their textbook should be with full decorum.

(2) The binding of the book should be strong and good.

(3) The paper of the book should be clean, smooth and good.

(4) The type used in the printing of the book should be according to the children, their printing should also be beautiful and attractive.

(5) Social Science is such a subject which is related to both past and present. That's why the book should be such that it gives students age-appropriate knowledge of everything up to that time.

(6) The author of the book should be a complete knower of the subject. Apart from this, he should also get vocational training. So that he can present the textbook according to the age, ability, interest, inclination etc. of the students.


(7) The arrangement of the subject matter in the textbook should be done in such a way that the sequence of topics and lessons is maintained. They were constantly connected to each other.

(8) The language and style of the textbook should be according to the age and mental ability of the students.

(9) In the textbook, examples, pictures, graphs, maps, etc. should be used appropriately to make the main and difficult things simple and understandable.

(10) The textbook should be written keeping in mind the aims and objectives of teaching social studies so that they can be achieved through its study.

(11) The cost of the textbook should be reasonably low.

(12) The text should be written in a simple and interesting style, it should be presented in a logical and orderly manner on the basis of psychological principles, its style should have vastness, completeness and concreteness.


(13) The language of the text should be such as to awaken curiosity and observational powers in the students.

(14) Pictorial style should be used for small children and sentences should also be short and not too long.

(15) The purity of the language should be taken care of in the book. Sometimes a slight impurity destroys the meaning. Due to wrong knowledge in the students from the very beginning, there are problems in the future also.