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Role of Principal in Guidance Programme


Guidance and counselling b.ed notes 

Role of School Principal in Guidance Programme 

Principals play the following roles in guidance programmes:

1. First of all, a committee would be constituted to provide instructional services. This committee is called the Guidance and Counseling Committee.

2. After this, arrangements are made for the best building and money for this work.

3. Proper arrangements are made by inspecting the guidance related activities in the school.

4. The Principal provides his leadership in the tasks related to guidance

5. The appointment of qualified and skilled workers for guidance work is also done by the Principal.

6. The distribution of work among the appointed guidance workers is also done by the Principal.

7. Along with jobs to guidance workers and teachers, facilities for intermediate training are also provided by the Principal.


Principal's role is important in providing guidance facilities in schools. Keeping in view the conditions of the country today, if the guidance committee is not formed in the schools, then the children may go astray. Therefore, it is necessary to form a guidance committee to show a new path to the students. Trained teachers are taken in this guidance committee. Actions worthy of guidance are determined and evaluated from time to time by this guidance committee. But only those teachers are included in these works, who take interest in guidance work. The following persons can be included under this

  • To persons interested in directing works.
  • A person who has held high positions like professor or lecturer.
  • Individuals who are serving and have contributed in the field of higher education.