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Importance of social science in Education


Importance of social science in education:

1. This subject is especially helpful in the mental development of the students.

2. Through this proper knowledge of rights and duties can be given to the students.

3. It contributes to the development of social character of the students. The development of qualities like cooperation, love, co-operation takes place only through its study.

4. This subject gives direction to the responsibility of the students.

5. In social studies, subjects are taught in an integrated manner, so students understand the integrity of knowledge.

6. This subject teaches the students to adapt to the social environment.


7. Through social studies, students get knowledge of various problems of the country

8. This subject is absolutely necessary to get complete knowledge of Indian culture.

9. It is especially helpful in imparting knowledge of various social institutions, communities etc.

10. Its study develops the feelings of patriotism and universal brotherhood.