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Importance of Social Studies in Education


Importance of Social Studies in Education

Man is a social animal. He is born in the society and dies in the society itself. In such a situation, it is necessary for him to organize himself properly in the society. If a person organizes himself properly in the society, then it is his success, but the ability to establish himself in the society is not the same in every person. 'Social Studies' as a subject is especially helpful in generating this ability.

Rather establish our coordination along with all things. The meaning here is that the ability to establish harmony should be developed in a person after getting education and this is possible only when that education is useful for both human and society. From this point of view, if the subject of social studies is considered, then it becomes clear that social studies also have the ability through which the student can easily establish harmony in the society.

This is the reason why social studies developed rapidly in the 20th century and got an important place in the school curriculum in all the countries of the world Not only this, many scholars called the study of social studies as essential in the present national and international context and emphasized on social studies teaching for all the students in the school.

Importance of Social Science in Education:


Although the importance of social studies has been clarified by various scholars with their own methods or statements, yet it seems logical to consider the importance of social studies in detail and in a systematic manner for the convenience of the study.

Therefore, the importance of social studies nas been considered point wise here. The details are as follows

1. Livelihood Assistance

Studying the subject of social studies does not only provide theoretical knowledge but it also gives practical knowledge. For example, if a person is a farmer, then social studies tell him that at which place which crop can grow easily and what measures are necessary to get more crop? Not only this, he will also be able to get knowledge from social studies that how he can get more income from the crop by selling his crop? An industrialist can earn maximum profit by setting up an industry at a particular place by taking advantage of the knowledge of social studies. 

Social study also gives knowledge to the businessman about the different stages of the market, so that he can get maximum profit by selling his goods at the right place. This is the reason why many big businessmen and industrialists get proper services of social studies from time to time.

2. Proper use of natural resources

Social studies give knowledge to the citizens that how to make good use of the natural resources found in the country and how much those resources are accumulated in the country and how long they can be used by wise use? Therefore, if natural resources are to be used for a long time, then it is necessary to be cautious towards their proper use as well as conservation. 

For example, if we look at the sources of power like coal, petroleum, it is clear that their exploitation is possible only up to a limit. So what happens after that limit? Will there be a bad effect on the cycle of development? Coal mines being exhausted in many countries or their deep extraction of coal or being uneconomical are clear indications of this.


3. Helpful in solving environmental problems

In the twenty-first century, the problems of environmental pollution have been found since the twentieth century in such a way that if more indifference is shown, then it is inevitable that human life will be in an odd crisis. Considering this problem in the detail of social studies, an effective effort has been made to solve the solution of the problem by looking at both its sides.

Therefore, the knowledge of social studies is related to all the problems of environmental pollution, such as destruction of vegetation, loss of soil fertility, problem of radiation, increasing temperature in the world, increasing use of disinfectants, vanishing species of animals, green house.) can be extremely helpful in resolving effects etc.

4. Helpful in Earth's knowledge

Earth is also studied in the subject of geography under social science. Where there are mountains, where there are plateaus or plains or where there are green regions, then at which places there is expanse of deserts? It is possible to satisfy these curiosities easily only through social studies. While studying cities etc. in social studies, it seems as if you have visited them there.

5. Development of Broad Perspective

Social studies is such a subject, studying which expands the scope of human thinking He understands what are the reasons for the diversity in the world and why there is difference in living, food and other traditions of human beings. Geographical elements are mainly responsible for these activities.


6. Development of the feeling of universal brotherhood

It has been clarified in the above point five that the knowledge of social studies removes the narrowness of a person's outlook, this in my view is an important step in the direction of universal brotherhood, in which mutual disharmony and tension keep decreasing as development progresses and It is possible to develop the feeling of world brotherhood. 

Famous scholar Garnet has said in this regard that- "The need for national and international unity and friendship is greater than ever before in today's era. For this real and complete knowledge of the world is necessary. To achieve this objective, it is necessary to provide such facilities so that different human communities can acquire knowledge about each other. This type of desired knowledge is provided by social studies only. Therefore, it can be said that it is possible to develop the feeling of universal brotherhood with the knowledge of social studies.

7. Development of activity and emotion

In social studies, the child learns more by being active. He himself observes, prepares various types of charts, models, etc., himself does survey work and practical work, so that on one hand he acquires knowledge related to social studies and on the other hand he also does hard work. joins his habit. That's why he doesn't hide his face from doing labor.

8. Helpful in understanding current events

If there is any change or any incident happens in any part of the world, then the knowledge of social studies helps a lot in understanding the condition of that place and knowing the reasons for the occurrence of the incident. The learner of social studies establishes his identity relatively quickly from that place.


9. Development of the mental powers of the student

The study of social studies develops mental powers like memory power, imagination power, reasoning power, comparison power, observation, decision making etc. in the student. On the basis of different types of pictures, maps and other obtainable information related to those regions which are not possible to be seen directly, he understands about those regions. At the same time, by analyzing and synthesizing the facts, one also learns to compare with his home state, here it is necessary for the social studies teacher to create the desired environment for the development of these mental powers.

10. Close connection with other subjects

Knowledge of social studies is not only necessary for the students of social studies but also necessary for various humanities and science subjects. That is, the knowledge of various subjects of science faculty is related to social studies in one way or the other and the knowledge of history, civics, economics and sociology is clearly related to the knowledge of social studies. It can be understood only from social studies that where the important historical event took place, where are those places? 

Reflecting a similar sentiment, a scholar has said that- "Social studies describes theatre, While history is just a description of the drama taking place on this stage. Similarly, knowledge related to civics or political science can also be given well only when the child knows about the condition of that nation or region and other geographical environment related components through social studies. Under what circumstances, what type of economic and social activities would take place? This can be known only through social studies, that is, social studies also give answers to many questions related to economics ano sociology.


Similarly, he also gets many types of desired material from the subject matter of the above subjects. 

A similar statement has also been given by a scholar which is as follows- "Just as the bee collects honey from innumerable different types of flowers, in the same way social studies, being the intermediary link between the natural and social sciences, mixes the juices of various subjects. collects." Thus it can be said that social studies is well related to other subjects.

11. Helpful in solving different types of problems

From the study of social studies, where on the one hand information about many types of problems is obtained, on the other hand knowledge of the solution of those problems is also obtained. For example, knowledge of social studies is definitely helpful in solving problems related to language, region, caste, religion, national unity and integrity, problem of conservation of resources, decrease in production, increase in exports.

12. Assistant to National Security

The knowledge of social studies helps in national security, because through social studies, the enemy gets clear information about the ground of the country, as well as determining the correct position of the enemy's important military or other institutions through social studies. It is possible, on the basis of which defeating the enemy by building an array can prove to be more effective. 

This is the reason why the services of those who know social studies are taken in the security forces, whose important work is to tell the situation of a particular place according to the instructions or to make the desired sketch, map, topography etc

13. Development of Patriotism


You have read earlier that the feeling of universal brotherhood is developed through social studies. Here I want to make it clear that along with the development of the feeling of universal brotherhood, social studies also develops the feeling of patriotism. 

In social studies, the child gets knowledge about the condition, pronunciation, climate, natural flora, fauna, economic and social activities of his country and sees them in the map. He also imprints a map of his country in his mind.

Similarly, he acquires different types of knowledge about his motherland in Home Region Geography and connects that knowledge to his real life memory. Takes After this, no matter how far he goes from that area, he definitely experiences those memories coming to his mind and he again Keeps looking for an opportunity to come there. Why does this happen? This happens because he has immense affection for his motherland and this affection strengthens the national sentiment.

14. Developing a sense of travel

The study of social studies gives knowledge of different types of topography, flora, fauna and economic cultural activities of the world and the child is eager to see those which seem good to the child's mind. 

Hence, the seed of desire to travel is sown, which takes the form of a tree after getting favorable environment and time. In this way, tourism is also encouraged by the development of the desire or feeling to travel. Due to which the nation or society starts getting the benefits of tourism and cultural exchange is also possible.


On the basis of the above points, it can be concluded that social studies have special importance in various fields. Multi Dimension Benefits are obtained from its study. It does not provide only theoretical knowledge. Rather, it also provides useful practical knowledge in a systematic manner. So that students can be successful in living their life easily in future life.