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Importance of Guidance from Educational Point of view


Discuss the importance of guidance from educational point of view

Importance of guidance from educational point of view – Guidance is very useful for human life. It helps humans to solve problems, evaluate them and suggest ways to solve them. 

The process of guidance helps in making the life of a person easy and simple. The tradition of direction was prevalent even in ancient times but its form was different. 

Prescriptive guidance was prevalent at that time, in which the head of the family, the religious teacher, the head of the caste used to give instructions without knowledge of the person's capabilities, which used to be instructions rather than instructions. 

At that time life was simple and easy but in present times life has become so complicated that many problems are seen in front of a person every moment. That's why the importance of guidance has increased more for a person today. 

The following facts explain the importance of guidance-

1. Principle of individual difference-

The growth of psychological knowledge today has alerted scholars to individual differences. No two people in the world are identical in psycho-physical properties. As a result of this difference, a person faces different types of problems in different areas. Because of these individual differences, the importance of instruction has increased.


2. Change in social structure (Changing Social Values)-

Due to the changes taking place in the society, new values are being established in place of the ancient values. In such circumstances, the life of the youth is becoming a dilemma. In such a situation, the utility of guidance is evident in helping the youth to imbibe appropriate values in life.

3. Emotional Problems-

Individuals suffer from various emotional problems due to difficulties arising in different areas of life. Similarly, the family environment distracts many children from the problem of emotional adjustment. In such a situation, guidance is helpful in creating emotional stability in them.

4. Comprehensive changes in the education system-

Mudaliar Commission and Kothari Commission were formed with the aim of bringing changes in the education system for building a new society in independent India. On the suggestion of these commissions, more emphasis was laid on the development of vocational side in education. For this, 10+2+3 education system was started and extensive changes were made in the curriculum. The importance of guidance has increased in these changes.


5. Wastage-

The major problem related to the education world of our country is wastage and obstruction due to which the goal of compulsory education is not being fulfilled. This problem can be solved by guidance by finding out the causes of wastage and blockage.

6. Prevalence of occupations-

In today's scientific and industrial age, with the variety of occupations, the demand for qualification in a specific job is increasing. In such a situation, a person faces the problem of business selection and the training required to enter it. In such a situation, the usefulness of guidance is known.

7. Complex Nature of Society

Earlier society used to be of simple nature but the present industrialization has made family and society so complex that families are disintegrating and social bonds are becoming loose. In this type of complex society, the individual is struggling with many problems related to adjustment. People are realizing the importance of guidance's help in solving these problems.


8. Vocationalization of Education-

Due to lack of co-ordination between education and employment in India, the spread of such education has increased which is helpful in the mental and social development of the students but is not helpful in earning a living. At present, more efforts are being made to make education employment-oriented so that after selecting a job, one can get proper training for it. At this juncture, a person realizes the importance of guidance because guidance alone can help him on this occasion.

9. Increasing Impact of Depression-

Nowadays depression among students is increasing so much that many students try to commit suicide. Competition is the main factor in increasing depression. At the same time, parents also increase depression by having high expectations from their children and prestige in the society etc. The treatment of a depressed child lies in guidance only.


10. Wasteful lifestyle-

In this materialistic era, human needs have increased so much that expenses are increasing more than income, due to which economic crisis arises in front of the family. In the false glory of social prestige, a person starts getting buried under debts. Such people can be trained in the art of living by instruction.

11. Use of Leisure Time-

Leisure time has an important place in today's busy life. In the busiest time, a person wants to enjoy the moments of leisure to the fullest. Proper advice to make good use of leisure time lies in the guidance itself.

12. Personal ambitions-

Guidance helps in meeting the needs of the individual. By making a person aware of his capabilities, guidance is helpful in his development. By instilling confidence in him, it instills in him the courage to choose the right career and make continuous progress in it.