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Need of Guidance b.ed notes


Guidance and Counselling b.ed notes 

Need of Guidance For Education View-

Due to scientific and technological development great changes have taken place in the educational world. Now the educational curriculum is being developed keeping in mind the national development. The need for guidance from an educational point of view can be explained on the basis of the following facts-

1. Selection of course on the basis of result- 

In the new era, the subjects of many new faculties have spread. The interests of all the people are different and the abilities and capabilities are also different. A person may be well versed in one subject, but in another he may be less proficient. 

That's why every person should choose a subject according to his ability, civilization and interest so that he can develop more and more. 

For this guidance service is absolutely necessary for course selection. For this we can also use psychological tests and on the basis of their result students can be helped in course selection.

2. Due to the effect of individual differences- 

According to psychology, every person is different from each other. The effect of variations due to population growth is clearly visible. Due to this various problems have arisen in the field of education. Such as student dissatisfaction, lack of trained teachers, indiscipline, etc. 

Therefore, individual differences have special importance in the field of education. Not all people can get all types of education, their abilities, abilities and interests are different, so the selection of subjects should be done according to their individual differences, for this the need of guidance is felt.


3. To solve the problem of blocking wastage - 

The problem of blocking wastage has taken a formidable form in our country. The Government of India is also trying for this solution, for which many commissions have been formed, but success has not been achieved. 

In this problem, students stop studying in the middle without studying completely or fail many times in the class. This problem has taken a formidable form at the primary level of education. There are many reasons for this, unqualified teachers, dissatisfaction with the school system, personal differences. Unsuitable and difficult curriculum. 

Therefore, students need proper guidance services to deal with the problems of wastage and retention.

4. Reasons for the problem of indiscipline- 

Indiscipline has emerged as a burning problem in the field of education. Incidents of strike, vandalism, looting etc. are seen in the field of education. 

The main reason behind this is the students not getting proper business, today's education is not able to accommodate the student in the society. But no effective steps are taken by the institutions to solve the problems of expected students. In such a situation, the problem of indiscipline can be solved by guidance service.


5. Problem of maintaining the level of educational balance- 

Today in the field of education we see that its level is falling day by day. There are many reasons for this, there are faults in both the teacher giving education and the student taking education. 

Today's social environment, the qualification of teachers, irresponsibility of teachers etc. are the main reasons for this. These reasons can be overcome only by guidance services. The decline in the level of educational achievements can be removed by finding out the reasons for its failure and the level of education can be made higher by introducing new techniques of learning to the students.

Thus, on the basis of the above description, it can be concluded that guidance services have an important contribution in maintaining the high level of education from the selection of courses. Guidance services are being ignored in our country even today.