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Features of Guidance Programme b.ed notes


Guidance and Counselling b.ed notes 

Features of Guidance Program

Following are the features of guidance programme:

1. Individuals should lead a systematic guidance program after undergoing guidance training.

The type of guidance program depends on the nature of the schools. In small schools, a single trained person can do both the work of guidance and teaching, whereas in large schools, the counselor is separate for providing guidance. Its work is only up to the directing actions.

2. Guidance service is a continuous service. In the beginning, sincere efforts are made for proper adjustment of the students. The person providing the guidance should never wait to give the guidance only after the students are maladjusted


3. The guidance program depends on the needs and interests of the students.

4. Guidance programs also prove helpful in achieving the objectives of education.

5. Guidance services should be such that, understanding the various needs and problems of the students, they can solve them.

6. Objectives are determined and services are formed through guidance programs. That is, a certain scope of direction is kept, only then it moves towards success.