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Creative Child b.ed notes | Characteristics of Creative Child

Learning and Teaching 


Creative Child Meaning :

A creative child is an invaluable asset of the nation, hence special attention is needed towards him. To pay special attention to creative children, it is necessary that we identify them first.

Following are the requirements for identifying creative children:

1. By identifying creative children, our knowledge related to their behaviour , personality and mental abilities will expand.

2. Only by identifying creative children, individualized education can be provided to them.

3. Unless we identify creative children, we cannot provide them with adequate educational and vocational guidance.

4. For proper evaluation of children, it is necessary to find out creative children.

5. Many daily problems arise in the classroom because we are not able to fulfill the educational and mental needs of the children. Only by identifying creative children can their educational and mental needs be fulfilled.

6. Unless creative children are identified , necessary efforts cannot be made to develop their creative power.


Due to the above reasons, it is clear that creative children should be identified. 

Generally two methods are adopted to find out the creative ability of children.  

(1) By testing creativity and

( 2) After taking consent from the class teachers regarding the children. In these, creativity tests give enough accurate information about children, but even in the absence of these tests, we can identify creative children on the basis of some common qualities.

Characteristics of Creative Child 

The following characteristics are generally found in a creative child : -

1. Creative children have amazing qualities of originality and innovation.

2. Creative children have high IQ.

3. They have a high degree of doubt due to which they want to examine every popular belief afresh.


4. There is more complexity in their personality, hence it becomes difficult for the teacher to understand that child.

5. Creative children have a high level of curiosity due to which they want complete answers to every question , incident , task etc.

6. They also pay special attention to those vague ideas which ordinary children leave behind due to carelessness. They have more power to concentrate even on simple things.

7 . They have more courage. Due to courage, they even try to do those tasks which normal children are afraid to do. It is because of courage that they try to find a new path away from the traditional and popular paths.

8. They have more sensitivity. That's why they take every task seriously

9. They cannot suppress their thoughts; they express every thought.

10. There is practicality and reality in his thoughts.


11. It has a wonderful combination of opposing qualities. Due to this combination, they sometimes act intelligently and sometimes act like crazy. Sometimes they become cultured and sometimes completely wild , sometimes their thoughts seem very strange and foolish.

12. A creative child remains conscious of responsibilities.

13. These children have high imagination, ability to reorganize combinations and high ambition.

14. These children are very dedicated and hardworking.

15. There is flexibility in their behaviour, hence these children stick to one ideology. Do not live.

16. They have great quality of concentration. He concentrates on his work and works patiently for a long time with great dedication. He is not afraid of failures. Despite repeated failures, he keeps making new efforts.


17. A creative child is a visionary. He can think ahead. He can successfully establish relationships in the present and future.

18. They have the power to take independent decisions. He takes his own decisions and wants to present things and ideas in his own way.

19. The amount of humor and humor is usually high in creative children.

Creative activity :-

It is as important for creative children to have the above mentioned qualities as it is to have creative activities . Therefore, it is important to pay attention to these things in creative activities-

1. Creative expression : - A child's imagination comes true only when it is expressed creatively. Individual differences are found in children. Their ability to creative expression also varies. This requires 

(i) expression of emotions , 

(ii) reorganization of knowledge and experience. 


Children can be given opportunities for creativity through drawing , painting , art and handicraft. Creativity can be developed by giving older children opportunities to express themselves through writing. 

Similarly, creativity in dance etc. can be given through dynamic expression. Creation and appreciation of artistic objects also develops creativity.

2. Role of faith : - A child's life is full of such events that he compulsorily has to play the role of faith in his mental life. He plays free from reality. He keeps creating and recreating these circumstances. Such children do many types of acting at home. By wearing father's glasses one becomes a father ; Etcetera .

3. Role of Mantarang : - Mantarang is also an action like the role of faith. The stories and songs memorized in nursery classes eventually become objects of his imagination. These develop emotions. The literature read has an impact on them and they keep flowing in the process of generalization.