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Emotional Intelligence meaning | Characteristics and benefits of emotional intelligence


What is Emotional Intelligence ?

Characteristics and Benefits of Emotional Intelligence 

Emotional intelligence is the ability of a person through which he can understand and control his own and others' emotions.

Through this, it is easier to identify the qualities of people and understand situations.

Through these, a person can achieve success in strengthening his conduct, way of talking and relationships. Emotional intelligence plays an important role in helping a person develop relationships between himself and his work environment.

Characteristics of Emotional Intelligence 


The main characteristics of Emotional Intelligence are as follows:

(1) To know and be sensitive to your feelings and emotions!

(2) To know and be sensitive towards various documents of other persons by paying attention to their body, language, voice and speech and also to other persons too.

(3) To relate your emotions to your thoughts so that they can be kept in mind while solving problems and making decisions.

(4) Understanding the powerful impact of the nature and intensity of your emotions!

(5) To control one's emotions and their expressions while dealing with others so that peace and harmony can be achieved!

Benefits of emotional intelligence

The main benefits of emotional intelligence are as follows:


In administration and bureaucracy :

At present, the level of stress in civil services is very high, the main reasons of which are the ever-increasing expectations of the welfare state, conflicting and difficult pressures due to coalition politics, limited budget but high objectives, media pressure, civil society movements etc. Only that person will be able to succeed in such complex situations, who has greater ability to manage stress and manage his own and others' emotions.

In Politics:

To manage the pressures of different pressure groups, to bring about social change in such a way that the social groups are not stressed by it, rather the change happens smoothly and to give proper representation to different states and different communities of the country in the Council of Ministers so that there is no possibility of separation in any group. Emotions should not arise.


Its advantage from the economic point of view is that such employees can be selected who have greater ability to withstand and manage stress. Such employees become an asset to the organization, not a burden. He tolerates market pressures easily.


Physical and mental:

Having high emotional intelligence reduces a person's stress. This reduces the risk of diseases like high blood pressure, heart attack, diabetes, increases the capacity of the immune system and slows down the aging process.

In social relations:

From the point of view of benefits from social relationships, controlling such emotions can have a long-term negative impact on relationships and with the help of emotional intelligence, it becomes easier to understand the emotions of others and turn on the right path.