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Emotional Intelligence Meaning | Importance of Emotional Intelligence


Emotional Intelligence Meaning:

The term emotional intelligence was first introduced in 1960 by John B. Watson, who was a psychologist and Nobel laureate. As he wrote in his 1964 paper Emotional Intelligence, or How to Be More Human,

Watson defined emotional intelligence as the ability to read someone else's mood and use that understanding to predict how he or she will behave. This ability, he wrote, is what drives our relationships with others and “can dramatically improve the efficiency of life.”

Emotional intelligence is the ability to understand, express and control one's own and others' feelings or emotions. 

In other words, the ability to recognize one's own and others' emotions, discriminate between different emotions and label them appropriately, and use emotional information to guide thinking and behavior is called emotional intelligence .


Emotional intelligence is simply the perception of your own emotions and your own emotional states as they relate to other people. 

We all know that when we are angry, irritated, afraid, afraid, happy, excited, angry, worried, these are not the only things that affect us emotionally but there are many other things that affect us at that time apart from our mood affects emotionally. When we are in a large crowd, we may feel nervous or scared, or we may feel all the emotions as if we are watching a horror movie. 

Emotional intelligence is simply the ability to recognize and manage these other emotional states.

We experience emotions differently. Some find the world an increasingly stressful and difficult place, while others may have the view that things are always good and nothing goes wrong. We all struggle with different emotions. 

And we all need the tools to recognize these emotional states, recognize the emotions we feel, and understand and act on that knowledge with compassion to resolve the emotional issue.

Emotional intelligence can be understood in other ways also-


On the social front , emotional intelligence means that you understand how society will perceive and react to your actions. You avoid socially taboo activities and topics. And you act in a way that improves your social perception and status.

Regarding personal relationships , you have an emotional understanding of others on a personal level and you leverage that understanding to improve relationships. You protect yourself from people whose emotions are dangerously unstable. You hear the message behind other words and you provide emotional value instead of just listening to the facts and trying to “solve the problem.”

Importance of Emotional Intelligence


  • You will be able to form deep and meaningful relationships with people more easily than others.
  • You understand the emotional states of others, hence, you become the most understanding person for most of the people around you.
  • You forgive easily if someone tells you the real and honest reason behind what they have done wrong. (But not forgetting, perhaps!)
  • You feel beautiful outside and inside at the same time,
  • You can't hurt anyone too much.
  • Both introverts and extroverts are comfortable being friends with you.
  • You become good at connecting with introverts as well.
  • You understand the emotional state of people who are broken from inside at a deep level and will try to support them without any expectations.
  • People feel safe around others when they tell and reveal their secrets, vulnerabilities and relationship issues.
  • You learn to understand yourself and your emotions every day.