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What do you understand by morale? Importance and characteristics of morale


What do you understand by morale? Importance and characteristics of morale

Among the elements which help in efficiency in administration, morale is also an important element because all the activities of the administrative organization are conducted by morale, hence it is very important to have high morale of the public servants and to maintain high morale, motivation is the most important. The important component is that morale and motivation are interrelated.

Morale is the inner strength that motivates public servants to increase their efficiency and capacity. It is a combination of work related expressions, behaviours, emotions and emotions of individuals and groups. 

Morale , i.e. strength of mind, is synonymous with a person's internal mental strength and self-confidence.

Morale is the increase of satisfaction, desire for continuity, which symbolizes strong desire and agreement to achieve the goals of a specific group or organization

Characteristics of morale


(1) Morale is an indicator of the internal strength and self-confidence of an individual or the people working in his group.

(2) It is a mixture of determining many psychological properties.

(3) It is a psychological element in determining the behavior of personnel.

(4) Generally morale is collective, that is, it shows the attitude of the collective.

(5) There is a mental or self-arising internal motivation.

Importance of morale

For the future development of any person, organization, society and nation, it is very important to have high morale, because morale increases the motivation of the individual and group to perform the tasks with enthusiasm, loyalty and determination.


High morale leads the organization towards success, whereas low morale hinders the growth of the organization.

In any organization, the employees being disciplined, following the orders of the officers, happy and morale is reflected in the enthusiasm, active cooperation, satisfaction and appreciation of the person. 

A group of people with high morale always have the feeling of performing their tasks to their full potential, without any tension, quarrel, jealousy and also translate this feeling or desire into action.