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What is artificial intelligence, advantages and disadvantages of artificial intelligence


What is artificial intelligence, uses, advantages and disadvantages of artificial intelligence

Under Artificial Intelligence, efforts are made to develop human-like intellectual abilities in machines so that machines can take decisions according to the circumstances and can work without human orders

The use of computers in preparing models of human reasoning, learning, awareness etc. related to behavioral aspects is called artificial intelligence. Artificial intelligence is used to model the reasoning process to solve a problem

Artificial Intelligence works through robot systems! Artificial Intelligence started in the 1950s. Artificial Intelligence was founded by John McCarthy. Japan was the first to take initiative in this and started a scheme called 5th Generation in 1981, after which Britain made a project called Elvi for it.

Main areas of artificial intelligence


The major fields of artificial intelligence are computer science, linguistics, psychology, mathematics and engineering, philosophy, sociology, medical science etc.

Benefits of Artificial Intelligence

The benefits of Artificial Intelligence are as follows:

(1) With the help of artificial intelligence, machines can be made capable of doing such complex and stressful tasks, which are usually done by humans.

(2) All such tasks which are dangerous for humans can be done by machines with artificial intelligence.

(3) With the help of artificial intelligence computers, any work can be completed faster than humans, because these machines can do any work continuously without getting tired.

(4) With the help of robotics, matters of outer space and some unsolved mysteries can be solved.


(5) With the use of artificial intelligence, the cost of resources and time can be reduced and the desired result can be achieved in less time.

(6) The use of artificial intelligence reduces the chances of mistakes and complex software can be made easily understandable!

(7) Big changes can be brought about by the use of artificial intelligence in fields like communication, health, defence, agriculture, sports, manufacturing and disaster management etc.

Disadvantages of artificial intelligence

(1) Artificial intelligence can be misused to carry out some terrible incident.

(2) In case of malfunction of artificial intelligence machines, there is a possibility that the work done by them will remain incomplete.


(3) In case of failure of artificial intelligence machines, it is expensive to replace their software.

(4) Artificial intelligence lacks human sensitivity and due to this there is a danger of ignoring human quality.

(5) After getting artificial intelligence, if machines can take decisions on their own then their dependence on humans will end.

In such a situation, it can be harmful for humans. Along with this, there can also be competition between humans and machines.

(6) Artificial intelligent machines have the ability to replace human employment, which can further increase the problem of unemployment in human society.

Potential of artificial intelligence in India


Artificial Intelligence is in its nascent stage in India! There are many areas in India in which experiments can be done with this.

Considering its potential for the development of the country, the industry suggested the government to identify those areas where Artificial Intelligence can be used in a beneficial and better way.