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Operation Black Board Scheme | What is Operation Black Board ?


Operation Black Board Scheme

What is Operation Black Board ?

In the National Education Policy, 1986, considering primary education as essential, special emphasis has been laid on improving the educational environment and bringing qualitative improvement in education with the aim of reducing the problem of decline and hindrance. 

Many efforts are being made by the state government and the education department to improve the unattractive environment of schools, uninteresting curriculum, inadequate buildings, study materials and sports materials etc.

For this purpose, the concept of running Operation Black Board campaign was conceived in the action plan of the National Education Policy, 1986. 

Operation means completing a task as quickly as possible by running a campaign on a war footing. Blackboard symbolizes the equipment required in schools.


The objective of Operation Black Board is to ensure the provision of minimum essential facilities like study materials and teacher equipment in primary schools. 

The following targets have been set under this scheme:

1. Buildings with at least 2 rooms including verandah should be provided in every school.

2. Teacher Tools.

3. Classroom teaching materials.

4. Sports goods and toys.

5. Primary Science Kit.

6. Small tool kit.

7. Two-in-one audio device.


8. Books for library.

9. School bell, chalk, duster and dustbin.

10. Instruments, drums, tabla, majira and harmonium.

11. Blackboard and furniture.

12. The teacher has money for emergency expenses.

13. Cosmetics-separate for boys and girls.

14. Drinking water system.

Operation Black Board scheme was implemented in 1987-88. After evaluating the implementation of this scheme in the year 1992, the following amendments were made:

1. The present OBB scheme should be continued in all the remaining schools, especially in the schools of Scheduled Caste/Tribe areas.

2.On the basis of enrolled children, where necessary, arrangements for 3 teachers and 3 rooms should be made in those primary schools.

3. Operation Black Board O.BB scheme should be expanded to upper primary schools.

Features / Characteristics of Operation Black Board


The features of Operation Black Board are as Follows:

1. Emphasis has been laid on making schools and classrooms attractive.

2. Emphasis has been laid on promoting quality of education through student-centred and activity-based teaching-learning.

3. For the effective functioning of the school, clear facilities regarding building, teachers and teaching materials have been mentioned.

4. Minimum items have been mentioned for the study-teaching process.

5. In order to maintain the quality of each item, standards and specifications of each item supplied have been determined.

Content available coordinated in Operation Black Board


The materials provided under this scheme are as follows:

1. printed materials and

2. Non-printed materials.

Printed Materials

1. Detailed orientation program for teachers,

2. Cognitive Package Part-1

3. Functional Package Part-2

Non-printed materials

1. Blocks, puzzles, play toys, tiles and strips etc.

2. Games and toys, skipping ropes, rubber balls, tennis balls, throw-balls,

3. Hanging rope with football and tyre. Air filling pump, ring.

4. primary science kit,

5. small tool kit,

6. math kit,


7. Books for the library - reference books, children's books, magazines and newspapers.

8. Musical instruments- Dholak, Tabla, Manjeera, Harmonium.

9. Classroom equipment- chairs, tables, mats, boxes, black board, roller board, chalk, duster and dustbin.

Implementation of the plan of Operation Black Board Scheme 

Under the National Education Policy, it has been proposed to make a plan for each community development block, municipal area as a unit on the basis of survey based on that block. Arrangements have been made to provide Funds for Operation Black Board to the state governments on the basis of advance reimbursement by the Central Government.

Provision has been made for the supply and use of equipment envisaged in Operation Black Board to meet the special needs of primary schools and to reduce costs. Especially under Operation Black Board, a provision has been made to utilize the available capacity in polytechnics, ITI, secondary and higher secondary schools to prepare the material required by the school system.


Arrangements have been made for teachers during autumn and summer vacations to provide training on the implementation of Operation Black Board. There are a large number of schools with one teacher in rural areas. Under the Eighth Five Year Plan, a detailed program has been prepared to provide one teacher for each class.

Every possible effort has been made to ensure that one of the two teachers in every school is a woman.

During the year 1987-88 to 2001-02, teaching study materials were made available to teachers in 5,22,902 primary and 1,38,009 upper primary schools. To ensure additional chapters in primary schools with one teacher, additional posts of 1,49,146 teachers were sanctioned.

Apart from this, 83,045 posts of third teachers and 77,610 posts of additional teachers were approved for schools with more than 100 students and upper primary schools respectively. Under this scheme, 1.85 lakh additional buildings were constructed.