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EVALUATION OF INCLUSIVE EDUCATION| Characteristics of Inclusive Education


The proponents of inclusive education are never tired admiring its characteristics, and its opponents have brought out numerous points of demerits. We shall discuss these merits and demerits here:

Characteristics of Inclusive Education

These are as:

  • Children of all classes (castes, religions, culture, etc.) study together, they have

  • equal interaction among them, and they feel an equal social status Studying together, working together and living together help children to understand one another, and they are able to adjust with one another.

  • When all children study and interact together, even disabled children don't fee their handicap, and they get an opportunity to manifest their latent talents.

  • The children are prepared for future life by this educational system, they have to live together in the future, as it is.

  • Inclusive education protects children's rights.
  • Children of all classes and types study together in inclusive education, so all types of distinctions are eradicated among them

  • In it, positive attitude is cultivated in general children for impaired children.

  • Inclusive education helps to enhance self-confidence and self-dependence in impaired children

  • Under inclusive education, the rate of learning increases in impaired children.

Demerits of Inclusive Education


These are as :

  • It may not be impossible to provide for inclusive education, but it is certainly very difficult

  • This educational system requires resources and resource teachers to the extent which can be supplied with a great difficulty; it is almost impossible for the government at present.

  • It is very difficult to establish coordination between teachers and resource teachers under this educational system.
  • Coordination is needed among teachers, resource teachers, guardians and community.

  • The impaired children, in truth don't get any individual instruction and help.

  • It is fallacious to think that exceptional children learn better in inclusive schools as compared with special schools.

  • It is wrong to think that general children cultivate positive attitude towards abnormal children.

  • Education of normal children is hindered in inclusive education.

  • Research reveals that educational achievements for both normal and exceptional children are inferior when compared their performance in general schools and special schools respectively.