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Role of the School in Development of a Child| Childhood and Growing Up b.ed notes

Role of the school in the social growth and development of the children

A teacher can play a vital role in the social development of the child under his charge.

He exerts a great influence upon the development of the personality of the child.

 Following are the important suggestions for the social development of the child :

1. Teachers should encourage the children to mix in inter-caste rather than intra-caste and inter-regional rather than intra-regional groups.

2. The teachers should respect the personality of children.

3. The mechanism of praise and blame ,reward and punishment should be carefully used to socialize the children.

4. Proper social education may be provided to parents so that they understand the significance of the socialization of the children.

5. The teachers should demonstrate democratic outlook.

6. The teacher should refrain from projecting their class images on students .They should not show any discrimination .They must ensure a safe and healthy social environment in which the children may imbibe desirable values of freedom ,equality, integrity ,honesty ,patriotism, etc.

7. Adequate stress must be laid on group activities.

8. Community activities like camps ,common meals, social services ,etc ..should be frequently organised.

9. Exhibitions on ' Know our country ' should be organised from time to time.

10. Stories depicting Self-sacrifices made by great men for the cause of general good should be told to children so that they are motivated to rise above petty gains and work for the betterment of the humanity.

11. Children should be acquainted with the social events like the celebration of the birthdays of leaders.

12. Children should be taken from time to time to public places like museums courts, places of historical importance, etc.

13. People engaged in different economic activities or vocations may be invited to school for giving a faithful description of what they do and how useful their work is to the nation .This will enable the children to be acquainted with those around them in the society .This will also develop vocational socialization in the children.

14. The school or college program should be full of numerous co curricular and curricular activities in which children meet co-operate and learn from each other's personalities.

15. Introduction of common school dress, common lunch, etc in the schools and colleges will prevent children of poor and middle classes from suffering due to the superiority sometimes felt by the children of the well-to-do families.

Principles of Growth and Development


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