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Objectives of Health Education in Schools


Health And Physical Education B.ed


Objectives of health education in schools


1. Providing first aid information -

The aim of health education is to provide students with first - aid knowledge. Under this, the general principles of first - aid are provided to the students and other school employees about the general principles of first - aid and first - aid in the case of various conditions such as drowning in water, burning, toxic insects and snake - bite, spasms in sprains and muscles to save the life of a person when such an accident occurs at any time.

2. Providing health and health sciences information - 


The aim of health education is to educate teachers, staff and students about the laws of physical activity, health and health sciences, rules of personal hygiene, measures of prevention of disease. Ill effects on health due to ill - health habits, smoking, alcoholism, etc.

3. Setting health parameters: 

Health authorities should set certain parameters for good health which every school must strive to achieve. Such parameters will guide the students and teachers to achieve good health. Under it, the school environment, canteen, lighting, water systems, sanitation of rooms and furniture, personal hygiene and health services are included.

4. Development of right reaction : 


While knowledge is needed for good health, development of right frequencies is of vital importance. No student can achieve his goals successfully unless his positive attitude is towards that task and the aim of health education is to make students aware of their ability to develop good thinking, habits and positive attitudes.

5. Preventive and preventive measures: 

The main objective of health education is to provide adequate safety measures for the spread of infectious diseases and the cause. It should warn school students about sanitation of toilets, covering of food, sanitation of rooms and furniture, and the use of disease - carrying equipment.


6. Taking remedial measures - 

Getting doctors to check the general health of students and physical observation of children at school suggests corrective measures for such children when their disabilities, disabilities and illnesses are detected and the parents are also informed about the profound illness or defect. It is the responsibility of the school to find out and treat the defects of some bodily organs like vision defect, tooth disease, stuttering, stuttering, tonsils, physical deformity and flat feet.

 7. Prevention of infectious diseases - 


The main aim of health education is to provide information on prevention of infectious diseases. It is important to know what causes these diseases to occur before they are prevented. How long does the effect last, why are the symptoms of these How to avoid and prevent them. Because these diseases, when spread, become more severe, are known as epidemics.

8. Providing information on the rules of protecting personal and social health: 

One of the important objectives of health education is to aim at maintaining human life socially, because if a person is physically or mentally infected, he can pose a threat to society. Not only for one 's own good, one can be kept healthy by the welfare of the community. It is, therefore, necessary for all citizens to be responsible and to make men aware of the crimes which they often commit in their daily lives.


The ultimate goal of health education is to make life beautiful for healthy individuals. It is to create a life that will enable the individual to live to the best possible and serve better. Health education can thus make a big contribution to the social life, as the educated and healthy citizens appreciate the importance of health matters for the general good. And promote them.

 9. Physical and emotional development :

Physical development and emotional development are the driving wheels of health. Physical health gives a healthy man the strength to produce resistance to fatigue and the disease to release the body.


Similarly, positive health enables a person to be agile, good tempered, intelligent, intelligent, positive thinking, social skilled behaviour, happy and happy personality. The man whose mind does not guide witg