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Meaning of Guidance | Need of Guidance b.ed notes | Principles of Guidance


Guidance And Counseling b.ed notes 


Meaning of Guidance


The simple meaning of the Guidance can be understand as "to direct", or "to show the path".

This can be defined as the help or assistance provided from the more experience person to less experience person, guidance can be provided in all the fields.

Guidance can be understand as a process that helps the individuals to recognise their strength, limitations, etc. and help them to move in proper way or path.

Aims of Guidance


1. To provide assistance.

2. To help individual to know strength.

3. Holistic development.

4. To improve in their life by taking best decision with the help of expert.

5. To make them aware.

Principles of Guidance


1. Principle of Holistic development: Guidance should be provided to enhance all round development of individuals.

2. Principle of Continuity: guidance should be provided in a continuous manner from time to time

3. Principle of adjustments: guidance should also be adjusted as per the need of the individual mental and physical state and also with their academic levels.

4. Principle of individual differences and dignity: so individual-difference also to be taken care while delivering guidance their interests, their age, respect, dignity, etc.


5. Principle of responsibility: the person (parents, teachers, other persons in society) who is providing guidance should also be responsible and realise that their guidance is going to affect someone's life.

6. Principle of extension: the guidance should not only limit to few people it should be provided to everyone if results are good.

Need And Importance Of Guidance

Guidance helps to understand the individuals strength their limitation and other resources.

Importance for academic growth of individuals.


Try to solve different problems of individuals.

Guidance is also important for the enhance their professional skills.

Guidance helps individuals to learn things as per their capabilities and helps to socialise or adjust easily in different setting.

Helps to select career which suited the most as per their academic skills.

For national development.


Guidance is helpful for individual and also for better family life.

Principle of expert opinion: if there is need of serious guidance then expert or professionals helps is needed.