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Relationship between Teaching and Learning b.ed notes | Learning And Teaching


Relationship between Teaching and Learning 


  • The main goal of education is the influence of learning.
  • Learning activities take place where teaching takes place.
  • Teaching enables the students to learn. 
  • Teaching Learning is a single concept at the thought of modern scholars.
  • Teaching is incomplete until the learning ideas/concept are tied.

According to Smith,

 "Teaching is the process through which learning takes place. Learning will take place where teaching takes place, But teaching does not necessarily take place where learning takes place.

Smith Sir Considers teaching and learning as two distinct concepts, but at the same time he thinks that the analysis of teaching activities is impossible in the lack of the forms of learning.


Teaching means ' to teach ' and learning means ' to learn '. The two concepts are different; their characteristics and nature are different, yet they have a close relation. 

Teaching and learning relationship can be detailed from the following facts :

1. Learning is a process of developing mental abilities which help human beings to adjust. It is both a process as well as a result. Learning takes place whenever human beings get education. There is a difference between education and learning. Teaching involves coordination of many functions; it aims at influencing others, helping others, and modifying and modifying the behaviour of others.

2. Learning is the only activity intended to develop new attitudes in the personal interest. Learning is individual activity while teaching is social activity. In learning either a student learns or fails to learn.

3. Learning involves a single activity while teaching involves a large number of activities, but teaching activities are organised for learning. Learning takes place as a result of coordination of all teaching activities. They are, therefore, closely related.

4. Teaching is the factor, cause or instrument, for that reason it is the process. Learning is the outcome or reward. This may be called achieved.

Relationship between Teaching and Learning b.ed notes


5. Teaching implies an action, it means moving towards the goal. It is successfully accomplished by the teacher with care and skill. The word learning indicates success. Thus teaching is a broad term and the learning narrower. Teaching is necessary for learning.

6. Teaching is a process of imparting new knowledge and learning is a process of acquiring new knowledge. The function of one concept is to give knowledge while the other is to acquire knowledge, but both can become possible only when they are both active. The two are, therefore, closely related to each other.

7. Learning is considered a productive activity while teaching is a purposeful activity. Teaching objectives are also defined for learning. Teaching develops objectives and achieves them in learning. Therefore both of these cannot be separated.


8. Teaching and learning activities complement each other, as clark defined teaching in such a way that Teaching is a system of activities that changes the behavior of students. So they are intimately connected.

9. Teaching is considered the independent variable, whereas student is considered the dependent variable. The task of a teacher is teaching while the work of a student is learning. The teacher independently organizes activities for growth in the student's knowledge according to their mental level and the student has to learn according to the teacher, so both go hand in hand. They are, therefore, closely related.


10. Thomson green described in his book 'activities of teaching' that learning cannot take place without teaching, but learning is possible. The goal of teaching may be learning, but teaching does not necessarily take place. For example, the doctor treats the patient with the objective of curing him or her. But it is not necessary that the patient should recover from the medication prescribed by the doctor. Thus, the teacher wants to change the students, but it is not necessary that they would change and learn. Thus, Learning process does not take place in the absence of teaching and learning does not necessarily takes place for all types of teachings.