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Meaning and Definition of Mathematics | Nature of Mathematics


Meaning of Math | Meaning of Mathematics 

The word 'Mathematics' is very ancient and has been used extensively in Vedic literature.

The literal meaning of the word mathematics is - "the science in which calculation is the priority."

In this way, it can be said that mathematics is a system of short symbols like number, base, symbol, etc., with the help of which the magnitude, direction and place are understood.

The subject of mathematics has started with counting and number system is its special area, with the help of which other branches of mathematics have been developed.

Mathematics in ancient India included numbers, calculus, astrology and field mathematics.
Some scholars are of the opinion that under Hindu mathematics, Parikarma, Vyavar Kshetra Mathematics, Rashi, Fractional Parikarma, Square, Cube, Quadratic and Vikalp i.e. permutation and accumulation etc. had knowledge.

Mathematics has always had a high place in education since ancient times.

Jain Mathematician Mr. Mahavir Acharya has highly praised about mathematics in his book named 'Siganit Saar Sangrah'. He writes in Ganit Saar Sangrah, "Mathematics is used in all the business related to cosmic, Vedic and social. Mathematics is very useful in all the disciplines of logic, grammar, fine arts etc.
Mathematics has to be used in determining the speed of planets like sun, direction and time, moon's profile etc. Number of islands, oceans, mountains The size of Lok Antarlak, Jyotirlok, assembly buildings and domed temples and other things are known with the help of mathematics.

According to the statement of a great ruler and politician like Napoleon - "The progress of the country is closely related to the progress of mathematics." Plato even wrote on the door of his school - "Those who do not understand geometry should not study in the school." Do not enter with the aim of receiving.

Definitions of mathematics 


  • According to Marshall H. Stone , "Mathematics is the study of such an abstract system which is made up of abstract elements, these elements are defined concretely."
  • According to Bertand Russell , "Mathematics is a subject in which we do not even know what we are talking about, nor do we know that what we are saying is true".
  • According to Galileo , "Mathematics is the language in which God has written the universe of the whole world."
  • According to Locke , "Mathematics is the way by which the habit of reasoning is established in the mind or brain of children".
  • According to Gauss , is "Mathematics is the queen of the sciences."
  • According to Bell , "Mathematics is considered to be the servant of science."
  • According to Gibbs , "Mathematics is a language."
  • According to Bacon , "Mathematics is the main gate and key of all sciences."
  • According to Kant , "A natural science is science only in so far as it is mathematical in form."
  • According to Barthelot , "Mathematics is one of the most important tools of all scientific research."
  • According to Comet , the definition of mathematics, "All scientific education that does not carry mathematics is necessarily flawed in its essence."
  • According to Hogman , is "Mathematics is the mirror of civilization and culture."

Pedagogy of Math b.ed

Key Points Regarding meaning of Mathematics 


  • Mathematics is the science of phenomena
  • Mathematics is the science of space and numbers.
  • Mathematics is the science of measure, weight, quantity and direction.
  • Quantitative facts and relationships are studied in mathematics.
  • Mathematics is an inductive and applied science
  • Mathematics is a systematically organized and accurate branch of science.
  • The habit of reasoning develops in the brain by the study of mathematics.
  • There is mathematics and science in which necessary conclusions are drawn.
  • Mathematics is the science of logical thought.

Nature of Mathematics | Nature of Math

There is some purpose of teaching each subject and its structure, on the basis of which the nature of that subject is decided. The structure of mathematics subject is stronger and more powerful than other subjects, due to which mathematics is more permanent and important than other subjects.

As the structure of the subject becomes weak, the recognition of the truth of that subject and the ability of prior statement also decreases in the same sequence. The nature of each subject is determined on the basis of a certain structure or structure and it is included in the curriculum. place is given. The nature of Mathematics subject is a different nature on the basis of which we can compare it with other subjects.
The basis of comparison of any two or more subjects is the nature of the complete subject on the basis of which we get information about that subject.

The nature of mathematics can be understood by the following points :

  • Our sense organs are the basis of mathematical knowledge.
  • In mathematics, the abstract idea is converted into concrete form and it is also explained.
  • In mathematics, knowledge of numbers, place, direction and measurement or measurement is obtained.
  • Every knowledge and information is clarified through the study of mathematics and its possible answer is determined.
  • Children develop self-confidence and self-reliance under mathematics.
  • Mathematics has its own language. Here language refers to mathematical terms, mathematical concepts, formulas and symbols which are of a special type and give birth to the language of mathematics.
  • The basis of knowledge of mathematics is certain from which it can be believed.
  • Healthy and scientific attitude develops in the students through mathematics.
  • The knowledge of mathematics is accurate, orderly, logical and more clear, so that it cannot be easily forgotten once it is received.
  • The rules, principles and formulas of mathematics are the same at all places, so that its correctness can be checked at any time and at any place.
  • The study of mathematics develops the ability of induction and deduction and generalization.
  • In mathematics, the mutual relations and numerical conclusions of the objects found in the entire environment are drawn, due to which the love of nature also increases.
  • There is no possibility of doubt in the various rules, principles, formulas etc. of mathematics.
  • Defined by the language of mathematics is appropriate and clear.
  • The knowledge of mathematics is used in the study of various branches of science such as physics, chemistry, biology and other subjects.
  • Numerical conclusions can be drawn considering mathematical information as the basis.

Thus, on the basis of the above point, we can understand the nature of mathematics and conclude that in fact the structure of mathematics is more golden than other subjects, on the basis of which the need of mathematical knowledge is visible in school education.
Roger Bacon has rightly said, "Mathematics is the lion's gate and key of all the sciences." 

In relation to the nature of mathematics, the Scottish philosopher Hamilton wrote - "The use and spread of rules, principles and tools have become ubiquitous, whose foundation is mathematics. In the present times, engineering and technical professionals are considered more important and son prestigious. These the knowledge and training of all subjects has been possible only through mathematics, the basis of establishment of small scale industries and cottage industries is also mathematics. 
Therefore, it can be said that every person needs the knowledge of mathematics directly or indirectly to earn his livelihood, only then he can live his life and make his life simple and sweet.