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Meaning of Distance Education | Features of Distance Education | Importance of Distance Education


Distance Education Meaning, Definition, Features 


What is Distance Education ? Meaning of Distance Education


The helplessness of distance education is in a way such an out-of-date or unconventional approach to education. Which is completely different from traditional education. 

Nowadays we see that countries which are socialist, developed and developing. 

There has been an unprecedented growth of distance education in those countries. 

In today's age of science, it has become easier to provide distance education using various types of digital tools. 

This education fulfills all kinds of needs related to education according to modern times.

Meaning of Distance Education 


We know distance education by many names. Some of which are as follows – home study, correspondence education, external study, off campus study, open learning, independent study, multimedia etc. But the popular names of distance education. It is known by the names of correspondence education, distance education and open education.

Features of Distance Education 

Following are the features of Characteristics of distance education:


  • Distance education is a systematic method of teaching-learning.
  • In this school, college, no one is forced to study sitting face to face.
  • This learning is related to the needs, level and daily activities of the students.
  • Distance education is a flexible method.
  • Distance education establishes various dimensions of innovative education for the in-service persons.
  • It makes good use of the money, time and speed of the students.
  • It helps in fulfilling the aims and expectations of the Indian Constitution.

Importance of Distance Education 


Following are the importance of distance education :

1. Distance education for people who live in remote areas like hilly areas and forest areas and lack of educational facilities for them. It's like a boon.

2. Distance education is like a boon for such people who are unable to attend school and college.

3. Distance education is very important for illiterate, farmers, labourers, housekeepers and disabled persons who have been unable to get education in formal school.


4. Distance education is a powerful medium for providing equality of educational and professional opportunities.

5. Distance education is a good opportunity to develop a dynamic, organizational structure.

6. It is possible to achieve all three objectives of distance education cognitive, emotional and psychological.


Disadvantages of Distance Education 

1. Countries that come under the category of developing country instead of developed. They have limited resources and budget. Because of which he is not able to train the students properly.

2. In distance education, there is a proper lack of knowledge between tradition, civilization, culture and historical approach.

3. Due to the lack of teachers in practical subjects, the knowledge related to the subject is not clear enough.