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Relation between Education and Psychology | b.ed notes


Relation between Education and Psychology 


All types of work of education are related to the principles of psychology. 

Knowledge of the relationship between education and psychology is necessary for the coordinated and balanced development of human beings. 

Human behavior is the connecting link between education and psychology. 

Many workers' scholars have presented their views in this regard which are as follows:

Mr. Brown has said that -“Education is the process by which the behavior of a person is changed."


Mr. Pillsbury has said that – “Psychology is the science of human behaviour.

Mr. B. N. Jha has said that –“Whatever education does and how it is done, it has to depend on psychological research. ,

Role of Education in Psychology

The child's inherent powers are developed only through education. Due to which the all round development of the child takes place. 

Education in our life is not only limited to imparting knowledge, but it also gives us knowledge of different types of values, ideals and beliefs of life.


But nowadays we see that there has been a lot of change in the education system of today. Because of which the education system has become corrupted. 

In the present education, the space for the development of values ​​has become very less. That is why if it is said that education is a social process. So saying this will not be wrong at all.


Bringing changes in the thoughts of human beings and making them familiar with different aspects of the society also comes under education. 

And at the same time, our culture and heritage is passed on from one generation to another through education. 

The education of culture helps an individual to adjust to his natural and social environment. From this we see that social personality is formed. And he becomes practical. It is very easy for us to discharge this life. 

The role of education is explained below in the following way:


  • Development of inner powers of the child.
  • Physical development of the child.
  • Character development of the child.
  • Preservation and creation of our own culture.
  • Preparation for future life, development of readiness.
  • Development of self control power.
  • Social development of the child.
  • Mental development of the child.

Contribution of Psychology in Education


The following are the contributions of psychology to education:

1. In the present times, education has been force focused. Because of which education belongs to the child. Not for child education.

2. Psychology says that the subject in which the child is more interested. It is very easy to do that work. That is why it is easy to understand the child's interests and needs through psychology. Because of which imparting education becomes accessible.


3. In earlier times, there were various types of defects in the curriculum and it was compulsory for all children to complete the entire curriculum. But through psychology, the curriculum has now been prepared on the basis of the child's interests and mental abilities.

4. In ancient teaching methods, the child did not get any opportunity to learn by himself. Due to which the complete development of the child was not possible. That's why there were many changes in these teaching methods through psychology. And now the child is given emphasis on learning by doing and self-learning.


5. Ancient oral and written examinations are being used for a long time to evaluate the knowledge acquired by the children. Many new methods have been discovered in psychology to overcome the defects of these examinations. Such as – intelligence Examination, Personality Test, Objective Test etc.