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Equality of Educational Opportunities in India | Indicators of Equality in Education


Equality of Educational Opportunities in India

Equality of Educational Opportunities:


Equality of educational opportunities is discussed a lot in education these days.

Opportunities for education should be given to a person according to his ability.

Equality of Educational Opportunity Background:

The concept of equality is a democratic concept.

Democracy believes in the ways of freedom, equality and peace. 

Society cannot progress in the midst of war and political or other types of tensions.


Democracy believes that situations of mutual enmity, conflict and tension can be resolved peacefully. 

The victory of peace is more permanent than that of war. Democracy has full faith in it.

Due to illusory ideas regarding liberty and equality, people often misinterpret and misuse them. 

People misunderstand the meaning of these two for their own selfishness. 

After getting independence, we are seeing in our own country how much freedom is being misinterpreted. And how much it is being misused.


Similar confusion exists with respect to equality and people take it to mean equal sharing of rights and opportunities and facilities whether one can take advantage of them or not. 

Not all human beings have the same power and not all people can take equal advantage of opportunities and facilities. 

The meaning of equality is that every person should be given the same facilities or opportunities that he can take advantage of and if he cannot take advantage of them, then he should not be given them in that quantity, equality means equal policy for all, Not by making everyone equal.


Government of India operated many schemes to end the existence of inequality. Notable among these was Provision of free education up to college level for persons belonging to lower castes , facility of study in professional educational institutions for them and security of government posts in a certain percentage for them. 

Under this policy, the condition of low income groups is being improved. And land is being provided to the landless under the Land Reform Act. 

Acharya Vinoba Bhave's Bhoodan movement has made a very important contribution in this work. 

The real situation at this time is that the Indian Constitutionhas abolished the accepted inequality on the basis of caste gender, 

The doors of all educational institutions have been opened to all without any discrimination and equality of opportunity has been provided to each person.


Indicators of equality in education:


1. Equality of Learning:

It has to do with the opportunity of entry. There should be no other criterion for admission except merit. Caste, religion should not be an obstacle in this. Some time ago, women and Shudras did not have the right to read Vedas in the Indian society.

2. Equality of best Life:

There should be equality not only in admission to the school, but for the student to remain in the school he should not leave the school, for this also equal opportunity should be provided.


Scheduled caste children leave thein studies midway, this is an inequality.

3. Equality of Level:

Up to a certain level, all boys and girls should get compulsory education without any discrimination. Special facilities should be given to poor children. There should be a system of compulsory free primary education up to one level.

4. Equality of result:


Every child should have equal opportunities to make a living on the basis of education after leaving school. If there is a disparity of opportunity for a particular class, then it should be given special facilities and equal opportunities should be ensured for it. Under this indicator, the system of reservation in jobs for Scheduled Castes, Scheduled Tribes and Backward Classes is compiled.

Out of the above mentioned four indicators, the presence of all four is visible in some society, some less and some more.