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Role and Responsibilities of Family Members to Children | Role and Functions of Family


Role and Responsibilities of Family Members to Children 


Responsibilities of the family – A family can fulfill the responsibility of shaping the self of the child in this way –

(1) Behavior of parents – 

The first interaction of the child in the family is with the parents. Therefore, the behavior of the parents is important in the self of the children. 

Social psychologists have studied different aspects of parenting behavior among children. And the general conclusion of these people has been that these two aspects are very important because they directly affect the socialization of children. 

Those two aspects are warm-heartedness and restrictiveness-permissiveness. 

Therefore, parents should have good behavior and positive behavior with the child.

(2) Love and affection of parents towards their children – 


Some parents are such that they give a lot of caress and love etc. to their children. That's why such parents have more heart. 

On the other hand, some parents do the opposite and scold, beat and abuse their children in every conversation. That's why there is more hatred in such parents. 

The parents who show warmth towards their children develop social qualities and social behavior faster in their children. Such qualities do not develop in the children who get enmity from their parents. 

Due to getting proper affection, love and affection from parents, children develop a sense of security, self-esteem, self-confidence, etc., due to which many types of socially approved behavior develop rapidly in them later. 

Therefore, every parent should have love for children, for them to become the shape of a positive self of the child.

(3) Effect of self size of other members of the family – 


The self of the other members of the family is also affected by the child rather than that of the parents. 

When the elder member starts understanding his responsibility towards the younger one, then he is accepted as a leader, as a result of which he starts developing the qualities of a leader in himself.

His younger siblings obey him. In this way they learn to respect elders. Therefore, they should present ideals in front of the children.

State the responsibilities of family members 


(4) Absence of parents – 

The children who lack parents in their childhood and have to listen to the harassment of their relatives are not able to build themselves properly. His self becomes frustrated and distorted. So they should not be harassed.

(5) Parents should understand their responsibility – 

The responsibility of the parents is not so much to give birth. Their aim is to teach him/her to walk. Understand the responsibility towards him/her. 

It is also the duty of the parents to pay attention to what he has to do when. Play with him, be friendly, give him the moral wisdom he needs. 

By giving him security, teach him the qualities of self-defense tips, always inspire him to win. His responsibility does not end here.


They are their social, emotional, emotional, Also provide support in mental development. Parents are the makers of the child's future. 

Therefore, it is necessary that they contribute to building their positive self-concept and values. 

Contribute to the formation of aspirations commensurate with their abilities. Reprimand if necessary. 

Go to the school, inquire about his studies, participate in every activity. Provide cooperation in all their works.

(6) Encouragement of passion in learning – 


When the child is small, then only there is passion in learning. Parents should not only encourage their passion for learning but also become their guides. 

If this habit is nurtured by the parents, then the child goes ahead and achieves success in every field of life. Able to face every challenge.

(7) Control of the Parents - 

Affection is not only necessary, but it is also necessary that how much control the parents have on the behavior done by the children? 

There are two types of parental behavior related to controlling the behavior of children. 

Some parents are very restrictive in nature who may never give freedom to their children to move freely or do any work.


On the other hand, some parents are quite permissive in nature. who rarely put restrictions on children's behavior or seek to control them. 

With both these types of control, the child is not able to create his own shape. Studies have found that children whose parents gave them enough freedom to do their tasks within a limit that interfered with the children's actions, those children were more motivated to learn good social behavior and ability in such children, 

Social qualities like adaptability, self-control etc. developed more rapidly. 

So parents should neither give them complete freedom to shape themselves nor should they exert too much control.

(8) Do not become an obstacle in the progress:


It is the responsibility of the parents to leave the child independent and not to interrupt him for small things. You should not sit here, what have you done that the child does not understand what to do if he does. 

As a result, parents become an obstacle in the progress of the child and he is unable to shape himself properly, that is, the child should be allowed to do whatever he wants to do, only then his natural development will happen. Do not impose your goals on the child.

(9) Don't let bitterness come in the family environment - 


The child is a soft stem, it turns as it bends, it accepts as it is served. Therefore it is necessary that the environment of the house should be clean. 

For this it is necessary that the relationship between husband and wife should be sweet. He should have good relations with all the members of his household. 

The relations with the neighbors should also be sweet. They should be friendly to the children and give advice when needed.

(10) Identify the child's talent - 


Who can know a child better than his parents. It is necessary for them to understand what kind of talent the child has. 

Parents should not imagine according to the children of other family that he will become a doctor or a lecturer or become an IAS or RAS or a bank manager or a business man. 

The talent that is in the child should be helped to emerge. If the child wants to become a dancer then he should be helped.

(11) Be proper judgement- 


When the child is small, the habit of behaving with the elders should be inculcated because it becomes difficult to improve them when they grow up. 

You must have seen in the houses around you that children talk rudely not only to their parents but also to other elders. 

The reason for this is that they do to others as they are done to them. Because children learn by imitation. 

When the child does this If someone behaves inappropriately, then parents should be reprimanded by being appropriate judgement, so that their wrong behavior is not encouraged. 

They should be saved from the habit of speaking ill of others because this habit is harmful in the long run. He does not see any qualities in any person.


It is the responsibility of the parents to leave him free but take care of how his friends are. where does he go? 

Does not fight with other children, if anywhere he is found wrong, then try to explain him lovingly that it is wrong, you should not do this further. 

At that time the child is small. Loves parents. So one can easily leave the wrong habits.

(12) Do not give false praise to the children – 

Parents should not give false praise to the child, this awakens the feeling of 'Ego' in the child, that is, reinforcement should be given at the right time.


(13) Size of the family – 

The size of the family also affects the self of the child. If the size of the family is large, then the parents will not be able to pay special attention, as a result, they will not be able to give proper form to their own size, so the size of the family should be limited.

(14) Physical environment of the family – 

The physical environment of the family also has an impact on the shape of the self created by the child. In a family where modern means such as radio, television, magazines, newspapers, etc. are present, the process of self-shaping of the children of that family is rapid. Therefore, the physical environment of the family should be improved as per the requirement.


(15) Mutual relationship between parents – 

Parents should make that mutual relationship close and loving. Then the child is able to shape himself. Otherwise he gets in trouble. He cannot shape himself properly.

(16) Appreciate the work done by the children - 

If the child does any work for the house, then praise him, otherwise he will not help in the work even if asked when he grows up.


(17) Calm the curiosity of the children – 

When the child is small, he has intense curiosity, as a result it is the responsibility of the parents to pacify them. 

Many times parents reprimand them by not answering their absurd questions, but by doing so their creative development stops.

In this way, by fulfilling these responsibilities, the parents instill in the child can contribute to building a positive self.