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Influence of Heredity and Environment on Child Development | Bednotesatoz


Influence of Heredity and Environment on Child Development


Influence of Heredity on Child

Following are the effects of heredity on the child :

Effects on core strength

Thorndike is of the opinion that the main reason for the basic powers of the child is its heredity.

Effects on physical symptoms

Pearson is of the opinion that if the height of the parents is short or high, then their child's height is also short or high.


Effect on superiority of species

Klimenberg is of the opinion that race is the reason for the superiority of intelligence. This is the reason why the white race in America is superior to the Negro race.

Impact on social status

Winship is of the opinion that children of virtuous and distinguished parents acquire prestige. He came to this conclusion after studying the family of Richard Edward. Richard himself was a man of virtue and distinction. He married Elizabeth. He was also similar to him. The descendants of both of them got the posts of members of the Legislative Assembly, president of the college etc. One of his descendants became the Vice President of America.


Influence of character

Dugden says that if one's parents were characterless, their children would also be characterless. He proved this in 1877 AD by studying the descendants of Zeus. Born in New York in 1720, Jeeva was a characterless man and his wife was also a characterless woman, due to which their descendants were found in various types of criminal involvements.

Effect of greatness

Galton says that the reason for a person to become great is his heredity, becoming great is considered to be the result of heredity, due to which diversity is found in the physical and mental characteristics of the person. Mental power etc. are all based on heredity.


Effect of growth

Goddard says that children of retarded parents are found to be retarded. At the same time, the children of the parents of sharp intelligence have sharp intelligence. He said this on the basis of the study of the descendants of a soldier named Kalikan. Kalikan first married a dull-witted woman. Then he married a sharp-witted woman. If he married a retarded woman, out of 480 descendants of the first woman, 143 were retarded, 46 normal, 36 illegitimate children, 32 prostitutes, 24 drunkards, 3 antelope patients, 8 brothel owners, 3 were criminals.

Influence of Environment on Child

The following are the effects of the environment on the child :


Impact on Physical Differences

Bons has accepted that the differences found in different types of races. That difference is not due to heredity but due to the environment. He has given many examples of that. Differences are found in generations. They are due to the geographical environment.

Effect of Intelligences 

Candol is of the opinion that he observed through various experiments that “most of the members belonged to the wealthy and retired classes. He had facilities for education. and encouraged them by an educated public and a liberal government.


Influence of personality

Kule is of the opinion that environment has more influence than heredity in the formation of personality. Giving an example, he told 71 litterateurs of Europe that Banyan and Banners were born in a poor family. Still he could become great by building his personality. The only reason for this was that his parents kept him in the best environment.

Effect of mental development

Golden is of the opinion that the pace of mental development slows down due to lack of proper social and cultural environment. He has proved this by studying the children living on the banks of the rivers that the environment of these children was dirty and away from the good influence of the society.