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Methods of teaching maths b.ed notes | Bednotesatoz


Methods of teaching maths 


There are following methods of teaching mathematics :

Practice Work -

1. Children get to face different challenges and learn from them through practical work. Things studied can be remembered for a long time.

2. Studying is very beneficial for those who relax immediately

3. If the design of the practice work is not done properly, then it may prove to be useless.

4. Practicing maths for self study is considered a better option.


Homework -

1. Homework helps a lot in completing the syllabus on time.

2.Parents can know the kids academic growth.

3. Home work in maths promotes learning in students.

4. Giving work for home by providing information about mathematics subject to the students in the class is called home work.

5. Through home work, when students are free at home, they can use it very well.


Oral work

1. The communication between the teacher and the students in the classroom comes under oral work.

2. Students' understanding can be easily checked by oral work.

3. Verbal work in mathematics develops the ability of thinking and understanding in students.

4. Oral work in mathematics does not affect the writing abilities of the students.


Writing Assignment -

1. Writing assignments are important for mathematical accuracy and mental growth.

2. It develops writing ability and good handwriting.

3. Necessary records related to its mathematics can be kept.

4. Writing work is a long process which takes much time.


Logical Thinking :

Mathematics subject helps immensely in the development of logical thinking. There is no other subject in the curriculum through which the student's mind can be made more active. Mental work is necessary to do any mathematical work.

For example, if any problem of mathematics comes in front of the child, then he starts using his brain to understand it and solve it.

1. Throwing light on the logical value of mathematics, the great educationist Pluto has made this clear. That mathematics is a subject which provides an opportunity to train the mental powers. The vehicle provides the skill to generate consciousness and new awakening in a dormant state.


2. There is a vast store of knowledge in the world. And this store of knowledge is increasing day by day. It is not more important to acquire knowledge but what is important is to learn how to acquire knowledge. So that the knowledge gained can prove to be more useful and beneficial.

3. Acquiring knowledge for a person can be useful only then. Whereas it depends on the mental powers of a person to make proper use of knowledge according to his need. 

In this context, Professor Schultz has said that “the teaching of mathematics is primarily given to train the mental powers. It is known that giving knowledge of various elements of mathematics comes only after this.


4. By studying mathematics in this way, children get full opportunity to develop all their mental powers.

5. The study of Mathematics provides an opportunity to children to fully develop their observation power, reasoning power, memory power, concentration, originality, exploration power, thought and thinking power, self-reliance and mental powers even in case of hard work.


6. In this regard, Hubbs has written exactly this. That mathematics works in the same way to make the mind sharp and sharp. Like a stone used to sharpen something else.

7. From its study comes the power to think in a clear, logical and orderly manner.