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Physical Development in Adolescence b.ed notes | Childhood And Growing Up b.ed notes


Childhood And Growing Up b.ed notes 

Physical Development in Adolescence 


Adolescence begins after childhood. Adolescence is the period between childhood and adulthood in which the reproductive potential develops. It lasts till the age of 18 years. In adolescence, children and girls develop at a rapid pace.

Some of the important changes related to physical development in adolescence are :- 

1. Length 

In adolescence, boys and girls grow taller at a faster rate. Girls attain their maximum height by the age of 16 and the boys by the age of 18. In adolescence, the height of boys is greater than that of girls. A eighteen year old boy is about 10 cm taller than a girl of this age.

2. Weight 


There is considerable increase in weight during adolescence. Weight of boys increases more than the weight of girls. At the end of this stage, the weight of the boys is about 10-11 Kg more than the weight of girls.

3. Head and Brain 

During adolescence, head and brain continue to grow, but they slow down. By the age of about 16 years the head and brain become fully developed. Weight of brain varies from 1200g to 1400g.

4. Bones 

In adolescence, the process of solidification of bones (ossification) is completed. As a result, the flexibility of the bones ceases and becomes firm. In adolescence, the number of bones become less and some of the bones of skeleton become united. There are only 206 bones in the adult.

5. Teeth 


Before entering adolescence, the boy child and the girl child have 27 to 28 permanent teeth. Wisdom teeth come out at the end. Wisdom Teeth often comes out in the late years of adolescence or early years of adulthood. Wisdom Teeth does not come out in some individuals.

6. Muscles 

Muscles develop at a rapid pace in adolescence. At the end of adolescence, muscle mass becomes around 45% of the total body weight. Muscle formation also gives firmness.

7. Other Organs 

  • By the end of adolescence, all the sense organs (eye, ear, nose, skin and tongue) of the boys and girls develop fully. They become physically mature.
  • All the organs of the body appear athletic and well - formed.
  • Boys have wider shoulders and beard and Mustache on the mouth.
  • The reproductive parts of the adolescent boys and girls are fully developed.
  • The thyroid gland becomes active, causing heaviness in the voice of the boys, while the female ones develop tenderness and softness. 
  • There is a constant decrease in the rate of heart beat.
  • The heart of a person beats about 72 times in a minute while entering old age.