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Characteristics of Adolescence b.ed notes | Childhood And Growing Up b.ed notes


Childhood And Growing Up b.ed notes 


Characteristics of Adolescence


Salient features of adolescence 


Adolescence is the period when boys or girls are neither child nor adult. The child and the girl may undergo a number of rapid changes, which in turn makes the child and the girl face a lot of problems and also called the period of stress, storm and conflict because the child and girl may undergo a lot of changes in their lives, and they continue to struggle with a lot of struggle.

The Major Characteristics of Adolescence that we will learn through the following points :-

1. Trust the most on yourself :


This feature is of utmost importance in the salient features of adolescence because the young boys and girls rely most on themselves, they ignore the words of any other person or the parents and do with devotion to what they do.

2.  The rebellious tendency :

Adolescent boys and girls have a great tendency to rebel. They do not believe in traditional rules, do not follow the rules made by the elders, they do not like what they tell them, which is why they try to change them. They learn to take on challenges that cause them to rebel if they don't have a point in mind.

3.  Rage and violent tendency :

Adolescence is the period in which the boy and the girl develop so many changes that affect their mental strength, causing irritation and they become angry and violent.

4.  Abjure from religious discrimination and untouchability :


In the adolescence, boys and girls do not have any caste discrimination, discrimination related to religion or the spirit of untouchability. Rather, they get away from these discrimination and live together, play together and try to improve the environment.

5.  Loyalty to the career :

Adolescence is the period in which boys and girls have loyalty in their careers, they try to stand in their feet and try to do something good and they are always nervous about it. They don't understand that in what career they should pursue. For this , they also try to take advice from their parents.

6.  Role of friends group :

Every child desires to be friends with children of his own age. Adolescence is a stage in which boys and girls make friends with children of his own age without any discrimination.


Their friends group is blessed with a variety of children; their habits, ideas of conduct, standard of living; their religion, culture, social, economic, background, etc. It is the same trait that prevails over all children and they are drawn together to solve the problems of their friends in different situations.

7.  Develop a sense of unity and cooperation :

In adolescence, the spirit of unity and cooperation is also developed. Group - playing develops the feeling of sharing. When children live together, they develop a spirit of unity and cooperation. The spirit of play together has changed into a sense of living together. The girls help their parents in the kitchen.

8. Hunger :

In adolescents, Boys and girls have a great attention towards food. They are fond of different kinds of foods. They get used to eating something every hour or two. They prefer junk food the most.

9. Attention on physical development:


In adolescence, girls become increasingly focused on their physical development. They're most concerned about their body growth, which is why they're starting to notice themselves. They control their food as well. They begin to Diet, but on the other hand, the boys does not pay any attention to his physical development, but they do not need to pay attention to their physical development on account of games and gyms.

10. Curiosity and depression :

In this stage the boys and the girls are most depressed. The most apathy/depression is related to their love affair. Love affairs are common at this age and they have little sense of what they are doing because of which they are anxious and Depressed.

11. Development of imagination power :

At this stage, the boys and the girls develop their imagination faster and start day dreaming. They get too much lost in the imagination that affects their lives, and they may also become good artists like musicians and Painters.

12. Development of the sex :


The child 's sense of sex starts to develop at this stage. Feeling of sex is a common phenomenon in boys and girls. Sickness like nightfall in boys start coming and girls have a menstrual cycle.

Conclusion :

As a conclusion, it can be said that all this trend is bound to occur in the dominant phase of adolescence. The boys and the girls are full of the most restless, hungry, social service, their loyalty to animals, their passion for sex, their passion for homosexuality, which is why this period is also known as the golden period of life as the boys and girls undergo rapid changes. Those who pass through this phase enjoy their life.

Mental development during Adolescence 

Social development in Adolescence