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Educational Implications of the Principles of Growth and Development

Childhood And Growing Up b.ed notes 

Educational Implications of the Principles of Growth and Development:


1)  Knowledge of Individual difference :

This shows that not all children have the same pace and volume of growth and development. Therefore, education should be presented keeping in mind individual differences while teaching children.

2)  Helpful in Predicting :

The progress that will take place in the growth and development of the child shows the type of development the child will develop later on. While presenting education, it is important to remember what will be the child 's future.


3)  Useful in all round development :

All aspects of growth and development that are interlinked with each other in physical development, emotional or social development, mental development, etc. All this can be fully noted in the child 's all - round development. Unless one aspect is taken care of, it hinders progress in another.

It is, therefore, necessary to pay attention to the all - round development of the child which is fulfilled by the principle of inter - relationship.

4)  Knowledge of the effects of heredity and environment :

Both inheritance and environment are very important for the growth and development of the child. None of these should be expected. 


Thus knowing these facts, it is possible to make necessary improvements in the child so as to make the child grow more and more.


5)  The knowledge of normal or abnormal quantity :

On the basis of growth and development principles, we find that the homogeneity of growth and development of members of the same species can be seen.


Thus, if growth and development is not at the same rate, the child 's environment can be enhanced by changing it and providing proper learning.

6)  Knowledge in parents and teachers :

In view of the growth and development of parents and teachers, changes in the child can be taken into account. With the help of this, we can make proper preparation of the problems to come.

This principle is very useful for parents and teachers, because it tells them that which element is helpful and not for growth and development.


7)  Helpful in making teaching impressive :

The principle of growth and development is effective in the teaching process. This system enables the teacher to better understand the individual differences of the children and to teach them through such learning methods that benefit all children.