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Aims of Education in Medieval India | Aims of Education in Muslim Period


Aims of Education in Medieval India 


Aims of Education in Muslim Period 


The meaning of India's medieval education is Islamic or Muslim education. Following are the objectives of Muslim education-

(1) Spread of Islam

The first aim of Islamic education was to spread the religion of Islam. Therefore, Maktabs and Madrasas were opened at various places. A maktab was opened with each mosque, in which Muslim boys were taught the Quran. Along with this, the history of Islam, philosophy and higher type of religious education were provided in Madrasas.

(2) Spread of education among Muslims


Muslim educationists believed that the difference between religious and irreligious things can be explained to Muslims only through education. Therefore, imparting education to Muslims was the second objective of Islamic education.

(3) Incrementalization in Islamic states

The third objective of Islamic education was the growth of Islamic states. To achieve this objective, Muslims were taught the art of fighting, so that they could grow in Islamic states.


(4) Development of ethics

The fourth aim of Islamic education was to develop morality. To achieve this, Muslim children were made to study moral books.

(5) Attainment of material pleasures 


The fifth aim of Islamic education was the attainment of material pleasures. For this, the children were given titles and clerics were given high positions so that they could enjoy materialistic pleasures.

(6) Spread of Shariat

The sixth aim of Islamic education was to implement the laws of the Shari'a. Therefore, the law, political principles of Islam and the social traditions of Islam were spread through education.


(7) Character building

Mohammad Sahab believed that only a person of character can progress. Thus, the seventh aim of Islamic education was character building. The character of Muslim children was to be built up through education.