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Importance of Disciplines for Curriculum | Understanding Discipline and School Subject


Importance of Disciplines for Curriculum :-


Curriculum is considered as the third pillar of the education system. The form of curriculum can be developed in the best way through subjects. 

Under the curriculum, the status of the subjects is seen between the subject matter, topics and activities. correlation between these activities

Due to the fulfillment of educational objectives, there is an all-round development of the students. 

Therefore, the importance of subjects in the context of curriculum can be explained in the following form-

1) Development of useful curriculum :-


Useful curriculum is developed through subjects. On the basis of subjects, activities to solve contemporary problems are included in the curriculum and activities that generate awareness are included.

Cases are also included. Along with this, social expectations are also taken care of in the curriculum because useful facts are correlated with each other.

2) Development of systematic curriculum : -


The credit of systematic curriculum goes to the subjects only. subjects

It is on this basis that it is determined that how and at what place the facts are to be kept in the curriculum. For example, before clarifying any fact in the context of democracy, the meaning of democracy,

Knowledge of the concept is essential. Only after this other facts should be presented.

3) Coordination of Content :-


On the basis of subjects, proper coordination is established in the subject matter. 

For example, both physical and chemical changes are subjects of chemistry, then they will be included in the curriculum of chemistry and chemistry will be included in the science faculty. 

The main objective of the Faculty of Science is to develop scientific outlook in the society and these topics are also explained in the social context.

4) Development of curriculum related to life :-


On the basis of subjects, those facts and events are included in the curriculum which are generally related to the life of the students. 

The aim of every student is to solve the problems of life. He studies for that work. Therefore, each curriculum is prepared in the context of relevance and utility of life.

5) Development of curriculum from general to specific :-

The development of curriculum from general to specific is the result of subjects. It presents each general fact first.

This will arouse the interest of the students about the common facts as the student knows about them. After this, specific facts were given a place in the syllabus.


For example, after the presentation of normal multiplication, division, addition and subtraction operations through repetition in the course of mathematics, other new facts are presented.

6) Integrated curriculum of theory and practice : -

It is possible to develop an integrated curriculum of theory and practice through subjects. After presenting the theoretical form of all the topics and facts in the curriculum, determination of their practical utility and activities is done. Co-curricular activities are considered as practical activities.

7) Development of level-specific curriculum : -


Based on the subjects, the best curriculum is prepared for each level of students. At the primary level, special care is taken in preparing general curriculum, curriculum for gifted students and curriculum for retarded students. 

In this process, the nature of the content is also taken into account in determining the difficulty level of the curriculum. The objective of the curriculum is the same but its form is changed as per the need.

8) Development of curriculum for the fulfillment of educational objectives :-


Such a curriculum is prepared on the basis of study subjects which prove helpful in fulfilling the educational objectives.

Like- the purpose of the subject of social studies is to make students aware of social activities, and to provide the ability to solve social problems.

On this basis, under the subject of social studies, all those subjects are determined as part of the curriculum, which are helpful in fulfilling these objectives. subjects like this

Educational objectives are accomplished by determining the best form of curriculum.