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Characteristics of Personality b.ed notes in English | Learning and teaching b.ed notes


Learning and Teaching b.ed notes in English


Personality Characteristics 

In this post, you will learn about the main characteristics related to personality. Personality shows whether a person is attractive or not, but it is not possible to understand personality in one line like this, because personality reflects the reflection of many characteristics and skills of a person.

Characteristics of Personality :-


Personality is the sum total of a person's mental states and tendencies, talents, qualities, etc. acquired at the time of birth and throughout the previous lifetime of the person. Personality refers to all aspects of a person's life.

We can understand the characteristics of personality by classifying them into the following parts-


  • Sociality
  • goal - work to achieve
  • self-consciousness
  • adjustment to environment
  • physical and mental health
  • sustainable development
  • Lots of excitement 


1. Sociality

Sociality is a major feature of a person's personality. Man is a social animal and he lives in the midst of society. A person does all his activities by staying in the middle of the society.

2. Goal - Achievement

There is definitely some goal in the life of every person, keeping in mind that person always tries to achieve that goal. Because a person works according to his goal, that's why his goal has a great impact on a person's personality.


3. Self-consciousness

Self-consciousness means that through self-reflection, a person takes care of what his image is being created in the society, and how the people of the society feel about him.

A person definitely thinks about how people will perceive her husband by the activities being done by him who is always aware of what is his image in the eyes of the people.

From the point of view of self-contemplation, a small child is like an animal, which lacks self-consciousness.


4. Adjustment with the environment

A person tries to mold himself according to the environment, so that he can establish adjustment with the environment of the society.

The meaning of adjustment here is to mold yourself according to the opinion of the environment and make the environment favorable to you.

5. Physical and Mental Health

For a good personality, it is necessary that both physical health and mental health of the person should be good. A person's mental health will also be good when his physical health is also good. Because man is a psychosomatic being.


6. Sustainable Development

As you already know, development is a life-long process. For a good personality, the process of its development should always be good.

Psychologists Garrison, Kingston and MacDonald have said in relation to continuous development that – “Personality is in a process of continuous development.”


7. Lots of excitement

Enthusiasm is a very important unit of a person's life. An enthusiastic person does not get distracted from his path no matter what the situation may come. That is, he remains full of enthusiasm even in adverse circumstances.