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Importance of Heredity and Environment in Child Development | b.ed notes


Importance of Heredity and Environment in Child Development 


Various types of studies in the field of heredity and environment have helped teachers and children a lot in the modern system of education.

Using the principles of heredity and environment, we have found new dimensions in the overall development of children.

Importance of Heredity: -

We can understand the impact and importance of Heredity in today's education system and in the lives of children with the help of the following points.


◆ Due to the effect of heredity , there is diversity in the physical structure of all children , through which a teacher can pay attention to the development of children based on their physical structure.

◆ Heredity is also the reason for gender difference between boys and girls , due to which there can be difference in the interest and understanding abilities of boys and girls in a particular subject, on the basis of whose knowledge the teacher can help them in a better way.


◆ Differences are found in the innate abilities of children due to heredity , on the basis of which necessary help can be given for their overall development.

◆ Many types of differences are found in the children as a result of heredity, the teacher can prepare a plan of education on the basis of these differences of the children.

◆ From the law of heredity, we know that if the parents of a child are of low intelligence, it is not necessary that their children will also be of low intelligence.


And vice versa is also true that the children of eligible parents can also be ineligible. It is important for the teachers and the society to be aware of these things, so that they can treat all the children appropriately.

◆ By studying the good and bad tendencies inherited by the children, efforts can be made to eliminate their bad tendencies.

Importance of Heredity and Environment b.ed notes 


Woodworth's statement on the importance of heredity

Woodworth has considered heredity to be the reason for the difference in the mental level of the children of the country and the city, stating the importance of heredity, 

Woodworth has said that- “The superiority of the mental level of urban children over country children is partly due to heredity. Being aware of this knowledge, the teacher can tailor his teaching according to their mental levels.


Importance of Environment :-


◆ Environment occupies a very important place in our life. The direction of a child's development is decided by the environment itself. 

The environment has a great influence on the emotions of the children. Life develops only in a favorable environment, and the person moves forward.

◆ Environment has a deep impact on a person's behavior, character, patriotism etc. Various scholars have given their views to explain the personality of a person and the importance of the environment in his life, some of which we are talking to you here.


Sorensen's opinion about the importance of environment

“The knowledge of education, good environment contributes appreciably to the growth of children's intelligence and knowledge. A teacher who is aware of this can try to provide the best educational environment for his students."


Ruth Bandik says about the importance of environment in life that – 

“A person lives in a certain cultural environment since birth and behaves according to its ideals. A teacher knowing this fact can contribute to the child's cultural development."

Ruth Bandik


Importance of Environment for teachers

◆ A teacher who understands the importance of the environment can create such an environment for the children in the school, so that the qualities of expression of thoughts, polite social behavior, knowledge of duties and rights, etc. can be developed in the children.

◆ Every society has its own unique environment. A teacher who understands this can create an environment of small society in the school and teach the students to adapt to the environment of their wider society.


From the above references it is known that how much heredity and environment are important in our life. By knowing the importance of both heredity and environment, the teacher can make the desired and balanced development of his students. 

Keeping his thoughts in this context, Sorenson has said that –

"For the teacher, knowledge of relative influence and mutual relation of heredity and environment on human development is of special importance."

- Sorenson 

Influence of Heredity and Environment on Child Development 

Principles and Objectives of Child Development