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Difference between Integrated and Inclusive Education | b.ed notes


Difference between Integrated Education and Inclusive Education 

1) In integrated education, students with special needs are allowed to read and write only with general students. 

While in inclusive education special facilities are also provided along with permission to study among themselves.

2) In the integrated education system, there is no change in the curriculum for students with special needs. 

On the other hand, in the inclusive education system, changes are made in the curriculum, so that students with special needs are helped, as well as there is no harm to the general students.


3) Where integrated education is teacher centric . The same inclusive education is student centered .

4) In integrated education, there are no teachers trained to teach students with special needs, rather the teachers there are superficially trained to teach students with special needs. 

But in inclusive education, arrangements are made for specially trained trained teachers.

Difference between Inclusive Education and Integrated Education 

5) Under integrated education, the structure and infrastructure of universities are not friendly to students with special needs. 

But in inclusive education, the design and infrastructure of the school is made according to the students with special needs.


6) There is no system of doctors and psychologists in integrated education but there is in inclusive education.

7) Special needs students require more attention. But no such arrangement is made for them in the integrated education system. 

But in the inclusive education system, the needs of the students are kept in mind.

8) In the absence of trained teachers in the integrated education system, students are not able to get effective education. 

But they are effectively taught by teachers trained in inclusive education.


9) In the schools providing integrated education, the structure of the school is not friendly to the students, due to which they have to face many problems. 

But in schools providing inclusive education, arrangements are made to suit these students.

10) Integrated education does not cost much. 

But inclusive education costs a lot of money for trained teachers, doctors, psychologists, school infrastructure, etc.

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